The dangers of overeating

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Humans view the subject of eating from the wrong angle. We should eat to live but many of us eat to die. We advocate temperance and even abstinence in the use of those things which do not appeal to our own senses, but most of us are far from being temperate in our overeating.

Overeating and its dangers

We have a very keen vision when searching for weaknesses and faults in others, but we are quite near-sighted in regarding our own.
The chronic drinker degenerate and so does the glutton. They both deteriorate. Gluttony is more common than a drunkard and it is responsible for more ills. Overeating often causes so much irritation that food does not satisfy the cravings (an intense desire for some particular thing), and then the drug is used. Improper eating, which is major, has been the causes of most of the ailment inhuman. If we humans would learn to be moderate in all things, disease and early death would be very rare.
It is quite important to combine foods properly, but the worst combinations of food eaten in moderation are harmless, as compared to the damage done by overeating of the best foods. Overeating is with us from the cradle to the grave. It shortens our days and fills them with suffering.
A belief that a pregnant woman must eat for two, and thus, the mothers have generally obeyed. The result is that women suffer greatly during pregnancy and during childbirth. The morning sickness, the aching back, the headache, the swollen legs and all of the discomforts and diseases from which civilized women suffer during this period are mostly due to improper eating. Pregnancy and childbirth are physiologic and are completely lacking any great amount of discomfort, pain or danger when women lead normal lives. The overeating affects both mother and child. And sometimes labor is so prolonged that the child dies and at other times the baby is so large that it cannot be born naturally. The mother’s suffering is frequently very great. Babies born of normal mothers, who have lived moderately on a non-stimulating diet during gestation, are small. They rarely weigh more than six pounds. Their bones are flexible. The skull can easily be molded because the bones are very gristly (difficult to chew), and the result is that childbirth is rapid and practically lack any amount of discomfort. But however, there are very few normal mothers, and also normal babies are rare.
A heavy baby is never healthy. Its growth has been forced by excessive maternal feeding. Such baby’s show an early sign of catarrhal afflictions, indigestion or skin disease, their bodies are filled with poisons before they are born. Mothers who overeat invariably overfeed their babies. The family, friends, and physicians give advice that she must eat much to be able to feed the child, and the child must be fed frequently in order to grow. This sounds very plausible, but it doesn’t work well in practice. The questions to be asked are; why do babies soon show catarrhal symptoms? Why do they vomit so much? Why are they so subject to the stomach and intestinal disorders? Why do they have skin eruptions? And the answer is because they are overfed.
The diseases of babies are of almost entirely of digestive origin, and in nearly every instances, overfeeding is the cause. One’s intentions may be good, but good intentions coupled with wrong actions are deadly to infants. Parental love too often takes the form of indulging them and so it happens that hundreds of thousands of little ones are placed in their coffins annually through love. Why do little children suffer so much from eruptive diseases, whooping cough, tonsillitis, adenoids, diphtheria and numerous other diseases? This is simply because they are overfed. The younger the child the greater is the percent of disease due to wrong feeding. In adult life, overeating and eating improperly otherwise are still the principal causes of disease. And during adult life, the causation of disease is more complex than in childhood, for the senses have been more fully developed and instead of confining our physical sins to overeating we fall prey to the abuse of various appetites and passions. Vigorous adults are often the victims of pneumonia, typhoid fever, and tuberculosis. Overeating is mainly to blame, and not the bacteria which are given as the principal cause. Rheumatism, kidney disease and diseases that manifest in hardening of the various tissues, all being forms of degeneration, are quite common. And they also, the principal cause is overeating.
There are a great number of people who live for many years without any special disease, but who are always on the brink of being ill. They are full-blooded and too over-weight. Although they are often considered successful, they are never fully efficient either physically or mentally. They do not know what good health is, but they are so accustomed to their state of toleration that they consider themselves healthy. They are rather proud of their over-weight and their friends mistake their precarious condition for health. These kinds of people often die suddenly, and friends and conversancy are very much surprised. No healthy man dies suddenly and unexpectedly except by accident.
Instead of growing old gracefully, in possession of our senses and faculties, we die prematurely or go into physical and mental decay. Blurry eyes, pettiness, childishness, and loss of mental faculties are no part of nature’s plan for advanced years. Those manifestations result from man’s improvement of nature. From birth to death we are victims of this terrible demon of overeating. It deprives us of friends and relatives. It takes away our strength and health. It makes us mentally inefficient and cowardly. And at last, it deprives us of life when our work is not half done and our days should not be half run. Although overeating is not only the cause, it is the overwhelming one. It is the basic cause. Aided by other bad habits and it conquer us. We are what we are because of our parentage, plus what we eat, drink, breathe and think, and the eating largely influences the other factors of life.

Diseases cause by overeating

Cholera infantum – This disease causes the death of many babies, but it never occurs in babies who are fed moderately on natural, clean food, not to exceed three or four times a day. When the child is perversely irritable and the mother thinks that it is irritable because it’s hungry and feeds it accordingly. But the real cause of the irritability is the overfeeding that has already taken place. The baby has had so much milk that it is unable to digest all of it. A part of the milk spoils in the digestive tract. And the fermented material is partly absorbed and irritates the whole system. A part of it remains in the alimentary tract where it acts as a direct local irritant to the intestines. When these are irritated, the blood vessels begin to pour out their serum to soothe the bowels and the result is diarrhea. The sick child is feed often, and the digestive power is practically absent. The additional food is given ferments and more serum has to be thrown out to protect the intestinal walls. And soon there is a well-established case of cholera infantum. If only enough food had been given to satisfy the bodily requirements, none of the milk would have spoiled in the alimentary tract. If all feeding had been stopped as soon as the child became irritable and pinched looking about the mouth and nose, and all the water desired has been given and the child kept warm there would have been no serious disease. Therefore, the less food given the quicker the recoveries and the fewer the fatalities will be.
Adenoid - Another disease which is common in childhood is adenoids. These diseases are merely the symptoms of perverted nutrition. The disease is due to indigestion. The indigestion is due to overeating. When a child eats more than can be digested, generally bolting the food, which is often of a sentimental character. The excessive amount of food cannot be digested, and as the intestines and the stomach are moist and have a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, fermentation soon takes place. Some of the results of fermentation in the alimentary tract are acids, gases, and bacterial poisons. These deleterious substances are absorbed into the bloodstream and go to all parts of the body, acting as irritants. A coated tongue, or an irritated tongue, both due to indigestion, is a co-occurrence of adenoids. Such diseases do not merely happen. There are good reasons for their appearance. They are not reflections on the child, but they are on the parents who should have the right knowledge and should take time and pains enough to educate and train the child into health.
Tuberculosis - This is another result of ruined nutrition. This is also from overeating, which then causes indigestion. The irritating products of food fermenting in the alimentary tract are taken up by the blood. The blood goes to the lungs where it irritates the delicate mucous membrane. In self-protection, it begins to secrete an excess of mucus and if the irritation is great enough, pus. The various bacteria are incidental. The tubercular bacillus is never able to gain a foothold in healthy lungs, but after degeneration of lung tissue has taken place, the lungs then furnish a splendid home for this bacillus. The tubercular bacillus is a scavenger and therefore does not thrive in healthy bodies. It is the result of disease, not the cause.
Tubercular patients never have healthy digestive organs. Unluckily, nearly all of them are persuaded to eat many times more food than they can digest, and thus they have no opportunity to recover, for the overfeeding ruins the digestive and assimilative powers beyond restorative ability. A larger percent of the human perish miserably from this disease, which is principally the result of the ingestion of too much food. The free use of devitalized foods such as sterilized milk, refined sugar, and finely bolted wheat flour is doubtless a great factor in so reducing bodily resistance that the system falls a prey to. Too little breathing and poor devitalized air are also important factors.
Rheumatism – This is also another result of overeating. Although there are many other causes, overeating is the chiefly cause. Rheumatism is due to internal dirt. A filthy alimentary tract makes filthy blood. It is commonly said that the poison in rheumatism is uric acid, and of course, it is, but there are no uric acid deposits in the body of a sensible eater. The elimination in the disease is not perfect. The skin, the kidneys, the bowels, and the lungs do not throw out the debris (dirt) as they should, and perhaps only one or two of these organs are acting inadequately. The debris is stored up in the system. The reason why the organs of elimination fail to act is that so much work is thrust upon them that they grow weary (wear out), and also a part of the material which equipped them is the product of decay in the alimentary tract, and they cannot thrive on the poor material. When the eliminative organs fail to perform their function, their waste is deposited in those parts of the body which are weakened. The irritation from this foreign substance causes inflammation and the result is a pain. The extent to which this depositing of material will go is well exemplified in some cases of multiple articular rheumatism, or arthritis distortion, where the deposits are so great that many of the joints become fixed.
Though some various types of food do not combine well, still if they are eaten in moderation, they will do but little harm. But when we overeat, the evil results are bound to manifest, no matter how good the food may be, although it takes some time or years before they are detectable. The effects are cumulative. Each day there is a little fermentation with the absorption of the poisonous products. Each day the body degenerates a little. Then the time will come when the body can no longer continue its work, and the individual must choose either to reform and suffer or die.
The overeating habit is so common and comes on so perniciously that the diseased person does not realize that they are eating to excess. The consequent discomforts are blamed on the other things. Babies are fed every two hours or oftener. They should be fed at least three or four times a day, and never at night. When they are able to eat solid foods they should get three meals a day and generally two or more lunches. Some children seem to be lunching at all times. They have fruit or bread and butter with jelly or jam in the hand almost all the time. They are encouraged to eat much and often to produce growth and strength. This kind of feeding often does produce large children, heavy in weight, but they are not healthy. The excess causes disease and death. Such frequent feeding allows no rest for the digestive organs. The overwork imposed upon them and the fermentation cause irritation. This irritation manifests in a constant and almost irresistible desire for food.
Those who eat to excess often eat more than three times a day. If a person is in fair health and wishes to evolve into self-mastery and good health, he should make up his mind never to eat more than three times a day. And nothing but plain water should enter his mouth except meal times.


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