The dermis has different types of receptors for the various sensations perceived by the skin

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The skin is sensitive to touch, pressure, pain and temperature. Spread all over the surface of the body, it may be called the largest sense organ. Besides its sensory function, the skin also serves protective and excretory functions, and helps regulate our body temperature. In some animals, it is involved in respiration too. The skin is made of two layers, called the epidermis and dermis.

Hair on Our Skin is Produced by Hair Follicles Present in The Dermis

The dermis has different types of receptors for the various sensations perceived by the skin. Certain areas are more sensitive than others to specific stimuli, as they may contain more of a particular receptor. For example, the fingertips are particularly sensitive to touch. In general, however, the receptors are spread evenly in the dermis in all parts of the body.


This is the outer layer and is rather thin. It is made of epithelial tissue and much of it is covered by hair. The ducts of the sweat glands open into the epidermis. Deeper within the epidermis is a layer of melanin, a pigment which determinations the color of the skin.


This is a much thicker layer below the epidermis. It contains sweat glands and sebaceous glands, which secrete oil called sebum. This keeps the skin soft. The hair on our skin is produced by hair follicles present in the dermis. The capillaries which supply blood to the skin and help regulate the body’s temperature also lie in the dermis.

You do men have beards?

Male bodies produce some hormones which promote specific growth patters in men. As a result of these hormones, men are physically stronger than women. A hormone, testosterone, Stimulates growth of facial hair is which after a certain age gives rise to luxuriant beards. Boys of thirteen or fourteen begin to produce these hormones and the hair grows on the jaws, chin and the upper lip nineteen.

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