The early signs of cancer

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Most people have suffered the pain of losing a loved one through cancer-did you know you can prevent such loses by early detection?

The early signs of cancer

Cancer claims thousands of lives each year simply because by the time the patient discovers he is sick, it is already too late to do much about it. But like any disease, cancer does display signs long before it becomes life threatening. What are some of these signs?
General signs

General signs of cancer may include unexplained fever, tiredness or fatigue, sudden weight loss, and pain. However, different types of cancer manifest themselves in different signs. These are:

Colorectal cancer

There is a general discomfort when it comes to bowel movement and often the urge is there but not the actual movement. Another early sign is cramping in the lower stomach, this is not to be confused with cramps that occur in women at certain times of the month. And the most noticeable sign is when the stool has blood.

Skin cancer

Early signs of skin cancer are easy to detect if one is aware of the changes in his skin. These changes can be a discoloration, usually the patch turns yellow or red, or a mole that is growing irregularly.

Cancer of the esophagus

This type of cancer can be detected when one has problems with indigestion. This is often accompanied by difficulty when it comes to swallowing fluids and solids. There may also be a white patch on the tongue that looks like a wound.

Physical early signs detection is important but so is getting professional help in detecting cancer. This aid is in the form of a pap smear to help detect cervical cancer which normally does not produce symptoms until it’s in the last stages. Men especially are advised to do the prostrate test for cancer to avoid being caught unaware. It is wise to remember that even though cancer can be debilitating, early signs of cancer can be seen and thus one affected will have the best chance of fighting it, resulting in full recovery.


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19th Nov 2012 (#)

Thank you for this article. It's nice to know that there are some types of cancer that we can know of in advance through the symptoms. This is very useful information:)

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19th Nov 2012 (#)

Thanks for the useful share, David. Sometimes early symptoms lie dormant till cancer becomes full blown - siva

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