The flu!!!!!!!!!! Why me. Why anyone!!

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In sickness and in health, .... somethingorother.

Sickness... what a pestilence!!! It comes like an invisible enemy and attacks your body until you just cannot go on living.

Such is yet another tale of the flu that tried to kill me.

The flu!!!!!!!!!! Why me. Why anyone!!

Oh great. The flu caught me again.

I've had the flu here at Canyon Manoir before, and it was so horrible it tainted all my memories of the place. I didn't even feel like coming ever again.

It is like with all the fighting with the family and all the not so nice thingies that have been going on and all the feeling ill and diseased, have sort of colored in my feeling about the place. It's a shame really because it's a very, very, very nice place if you can look past the flu and the horrible family relationships of a disfunctional family.

I've enjoyed my stay so far, but now I got the flu.

It's a horrible sinus type flu that later creeps somewhat into my throat.

Well, now I can't go walking anymore early in the morning. I'll probably start putting on weight because of this lack of exercise, and then everybody will love to hurt my feelings by telling me just how far I'm becoming and what an eyesore I am. Bitches.

I try to take it easy and stay in bed for most of the day. Horrid.

Father gives me a Viralguard spray. I think it helps me good. Spray spray spray spray spray.

How much is one supposed to use of this spray?

Oh well who cares. Spray spray spray spray spray.

I love spraying things into my throat with the promise that it will kill the bacteria that is causing this disease.

Well actually I've read somewhere that it's not really a disease that is caused by bacteria. Well it is but it's really your body that is breaking down voluntarilylike because it wants to rest and heal itself and clean itself and something along those lines. Hell if I know; medical research usually have very conflicting advice.

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