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Perfection is an idea, but causes are realities. Effects are the results, not the core of those realities for good or bad. Causes are the genuine core of everything when really considered.

At our best.

The best way to deal with life, reality and existence is dealing with the causes, not the effects. This is the only objectively patented way we can be at our best and not our worst. All else is just an effect. Everything has a core or a cause, even if we do not exactly know about that cause. Everything generates an effect. The best effects come from good or great intentions fulfilled.

Think and think deeply, What does life come down to? It does not come down to apparent effects, it comes down to causes. Not just a cause, but many causes. Although there are many causes, as long as the effects are good the causes do not need to be adjusted. When the effects are bad, that is when adjustment needs to happen, no more, no less than that. Reality is caused by causes anyhow, effects are just effects, good, bad or otherwise.

So, the real loss is blaming anything outside of the genuine cause. Blaming effects never solves problems, but considering and dealing with the cause genuinely solves problems and even makes the problems a good thing ultimately. Solutions are ultimate effects, the cause can be good or bad, but the cause is master of the effect.

I consider everything to have a cause and effect, with the cause being the master, not the effect. For, all that is the cause goes into the effect and it becomes apparent that the core ultimately becomes the reality. At our best we create good realities as effects, at our worst, we create bad realities as our effects. Nothing can change that except our intentions that cause effects.

The Finest Way To Think.

Positivity, it is the finest way to think. But, even the best of us cannot always do this. That is why William Clement Stone said something as "foolish" in his seminars as "look for the best in a bad situation, there are gems in there" or this one: "Do you have a problem? that's good! Now look for your solution."

In theory, positive thinking is always good. But immediate viewpoints cannot always be positive, that is why the apparent should never be followed, but patience should always be practiced when dealing with problems. Patience is not positive thinking, but it is a way of dealing with problems well and creating positive solutions. That brings me to a point: There is never a better way to be a mastermind than to have ultimate patience in all situations, even if it seems insufferable at times.

I remember the book and television miniseries/motion picture "Roots", and how the character "Chicken George" seemed insufferably patient with what his family had to suffer until he outsmarted his tormentors. I am not saying be passive in any way, but I am saying that within every problem is a patiently and logically found solution without getting destructive or silly. This too, is part of the finest way to think.

I remember when my Dad got sick when I was four years old with terminal diabetes, and a heart condition which ultimately killed him young (he was 52 years old when he died), instead of letting it completely destroy me with him because a few years after he died I sometimes felt suicidal, but I would not and will not give into these feelings at all in any way, I let it shape my patient and realistic viewpoint. This too, is part of the finest way to think.

I admit, sometimes the finest way to think looks like insufferably foolish overly patient behavior instead of what it really is. But, when it comes down to the "nitty-gritty" or the details: If there is not something good within that bad or some valuable, but needed lesson you learned, then you fooled yourself. The genuine folly is within anyone who does not seek the best solution no matter what. As it is sometimes said that failure is only a stepping-stone, reality is that success comes after the experience and trying again and again unless you are foolish enough to depend on beginner's luck.

Negativity is the worst way to think, but when you only go by the apparent, it is hard to avoid. It only becomes easy to avoid for the rare mastermind who does not go by the apparent or the "obvious", who can dig deeper and get past that temporary failure. Where success is concerned, it is a series of learnings and temporary failures, after those is when the best and most legendary genuinely arrive. Thus ends this section on the finest way to think.

Lead your way out of the darkness.

Recently, my Mom wanted me to do a spiritual favor and I obliged her in a deep and honestly probing way. We teach each other in a Master Mind way that harmonizes with our natures, yet forces us both to grow better. But, at some point you cannot depend on others too much, you need to lead your own way out of the darkness and master your own mind without too much outer help.

Here is the crux of what I am saying: Life is not easy for a person to master. But if others can do it, so can you. It is like mastering a bicycle. You cannot do too many tricks with training wheels on, or race in a "student driver" car, but as cars and bicycles are possible to master, so is life and existence itself. So, I tell you this part with baited breath: There are not any pedagogical or teaching infinities, everything is able to be mastered at some point. Where there is darkness, there is not mastery, where there is light, there is genuine mastery, Heck, even "Star Wars" proved that point with Darth Vader in "Return of the Jedi" when he became Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker at the end, and Darth Vader died with the Death Star. Sure, my point is not to write so much about science fiction, but to show a point, where there is light, there is mastery, where there is not light, there is not mastery. Think, real foolishness is thinking that there is not an ultimate solution to every problem. Thus, the fear that the problem is unsolvable is foolishness. If Edison and Latimer gave up on the light bulb, and everything was easy to give up on, then there would not be any solutions and everything would be a problem, like the "eternal darkness". For every darkness or problem there is a light or solution. All we have to do is think and never give up on that solution, and we will get what we want. We must lead our way out of the darkness. We must travel the path and find the light.


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