The importance of online reputation for plastic surgeons

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Online reputation can influence your career greatly, so you need to pay special attention to handling your patients’ reviews. Plastic surgery management strategies can help you out here...


In the past few years, more and more patients expect to be included in their doctor’s work. What am I talking about? They wish to express their opinion, preferably somewhere online, in order to share their feelings and experiences with others or to complain and compliment your work. Any good doctor knows that the feedback received from patients is the most important thing for doing good business.

Brace yourself for bad reviews

If you take everything personally, you need to know that not every feedback or review is going to be in your favor. Some patients will harshly criticize your work, so you better be prepared for that. In addition, if you don’t have bad reviews, people who wish to read some reviews of your former patients are not going to believe that your record is that flawless. Naturally, they will think that all of that is not as genuine as it seems. However, it is undeniable that your career can suffer the consequences if you have too many bad reviews.

What your patients need

Apart from good service and perfect skills, you will have to give you patients other things that they are used to having. For your potential patients and for the former ones as well, you should provide a place where they can express their opinions and even give you advice. A website or a page on a social network is quite enough, it seems. If people get interested in your services, they need to have a relevant source of information related to your work. Writing your own review or paying other people to write positive reviews is not good for your business and it will only make you lose your customers. If you are not competent, it is not a solution to pave your way to success this way. People want to be heard and you need to make it easy for them to do so. Showing that you evaluate their opinion will make you more desirable, that is, if you offer good service.

Some of the patients will desire to get all the information they need via phone. This is why it is important to include your contact info with any promotional material you use. Include your phone number, no matter if we are talking about billboards, flyers or a website here. Plus, you need to be reachable, so if you see that you cannot handle all the phone calls, there are options such as hiring a call service or a person that will answer the phone for you. It is important that these people are also competent and familiar with what you do and offer.

Other plastic surgeons

Consultation with other plastic surgeons and getting familiar with their methods and work is only going to help you improve. There is no need to be too competitive and vain - be smart and choose to learn from other surgeons’ mistakes. Communicating with them in person isn't always going to be possible, so staying in touch with them via internet is a smart thing to do. Stay tuned, comment and share their content, visit their blogs and they will most certainly do the same when they become aware of your interest. This is another advertising strategy that you can benefit from. Sometimes, making a new business partner is what you need to help your business progress.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about internet strategies for handling your marketing successfully, you can always consult with people who do this professionally.


None of the above mentioned advice related to the management of your work online are going to help if you are not really interested in solving people’s problems. Some people make a big mistake from the start by being concerned only about their wealth and career. Your success will come in time only if you are hardworking, patient and you have proper motivation. Being interested in money will only result in you becoming disinterested in the quality of your work which can be fatal for your life and career. This is one of the reasons why not every doctor can be a plastic surgeon - because it takes more than just your medical license.


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4th May 2014 (#)

Interesting article.

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6th May 2014 (#)

Plastic surgery is one thing I am scared of, i.e cosmetic ones.

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