The magnificent power of the brain

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Learning more about the power of the brain to understand brain function

Male brain ten per cent larger

Everything about the male brain is size, speed, power and there is no getting away from the fact that women think very differently than men when it comes to intuition and emotional intelligence. The male brain is bigger as it has to accommodate a bigger body mass and is about ten percent larger than a female brain and gives men more processing power. This does not mean, however, that the male is smarter. Here are some other interesting facts on the male and female brain.

More in touch with their feelings

Males are wired a little differently from females in that they are left brain, meaning men have good mathematical skills, are more task oriented, more aware of danger and the need to protect, whereas women are right brain and score high on intuition and emotional intelligence. They are better at communicating things, better at resolving emotional matters, and more in touch with their feelings. They talk through their problems and the issues they have. Men have difficulty picking up on the nuances and they miss the cues and deal with matters in a more businesslike way.

Two areas of the female brain that are larger and deal with language

To give you an example: a man may be able to head the planning to put a man on the moon, but he cannot write a love note to his wife. He is just helpless when it comes to the softer side of a woman. He is the hunter, the warrior, the man who brings home the bacon. His ‘defend your turf ‘ area in the brain is larger in the male brain and his alarm system for danger is also larger in men. These brain differences make men more alert and prepared for a threat. Women are different. They can naturally bond and get in sync with other women. The woman is the one who has to use her softer side to resolve things. In women there are two areas of the brain that deal with language and that are larger than the male brain and they can process language in both hemispheres. The male only has a single brain half. Still, when it comes to the extraordinarines of the brain the biggest difference between the two brains is that men have a ‘sexual pursuit area’ that is 2.5 times greater than the one in the female brain.


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