The more it comes at me, the better I get, and more attentive too

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I am a patient, laid back person who goes with life instead of against it, or I would love and like to think that I am. Indeed, though, by no means am I passive or even close to it. Rather, temperateness and aliveness works for me better than being totally passive and "cooperative" or conforming. In fact, I am can honestly say that I am the purest of nonconformists. Well, anyhow, it is what it is, as we shall see:

The finest "why" reasons there are

People must live life on their own terms or be vegetables or closer to inanimate objects than to being human beings. Sure, the greatest "why reason" there is in my opinion is to live a life of individualism instead of conformity, although I believe that the troubles should not get us down in any way that stunts or discourages that individuality.

Recently, I faced a few challenges that made me feel like being "an inanimate object that is average and without real problems", then I realized that challenges make life interesting, especially when we surmount them successfully, and I realized it with a fully unrelenting consciousness of this fact.

Really winning over tragedy could for me, or anyone be the biggest "why reason" there is in life to live it fully without wanting to escape life.

My viewpoint is that reality is the ultimate opportunity, not the biggest deficit. The genuine and only debt we "have" to pay is to work our way through time without squirming too much. Right now, I am thinking of something Charles Francis Haanel said about daring, then doing and then having that makes life worth living. Note, I say "makes life worth living" instead of "gives life its meaning". Nothing can give life meaning in my reality except ourselves. Okay, that too, I am lifting off of Helen Keller, but, the point is there. We are responsible, and the more conscious the vessel, the more the responsibility.

Action, shake a middle finger and push!

Realistically, there is not any issue that can be forced. Everything, though, yields to reality. But even if we get angry and fearful, reality will not yield to that subjective stuff. Reality only yields to genuine mastery as success breeds success.

I may speak what I feel at the time and let it go through me. But, in my heart and soul, I let go of all blame and fear of what others think. As my Dad used to tell me: "Nobody pays your bills except you when it comes down to it." I know what he meant by that. In the end, we either take the action or avoid it entirely. The glass always starts out empty and we must fill it.

Choice is not an illusion

We can do what is right instead of what is wrong. There is not any real middle ground when it comes to blazing forth your own path in reality.There are obstacles, but not any middle path or ground without them. The only ultimate shut down is to totally and fearfully conform. Some may think that they want that, but human nature through that kind of thing is fully betrayed, getting what you want is half the battle, doing what you really want it is hte full battle.


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