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You want to criticise how things happen but don't know how. Using the right techniques critique can have the ability to enhance everything around us. Yet to many they have ideas that will change how everything functions around them. Saying the right thing at the right time is such a critical skill.

Who must You NOT Criticise?

    "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" Voltaire

Think for a small time about the people in all aspects of your life. Who do you dare not criticise? Or perhaps you simply mutter under your breath and curse them whenever things go wrong. Voltaire may have had a flair for the dramatic, yet to a large extent he is right about the people we feel we cannot dare criticise. If you examine all the people in your life you will see those that are in real control because you will firmly be told not to say anything critical regarding them.

In the workplace this may be the CEO or the President of the company. Yet it turns out they can make as many dumb decisions as the rest of us.

But why not be critical when it is apt to be? It is like the broken wall it represents something that is very wrong and things that are wrong should always be the subject of critical analysis. They represent something we all want to see changed for the better.


Take a few moments to think about the political arena.

In the democratic world, our politicians are open to analysis in everything they do from their personal lives, which will be torn asunder should their affairs be discovered by the local tabloid press, to their voting habits that is most assemblies that are visible to anyone who seeks to enquire about them. Politicians, by virtue of the lives they choose to live, are an open target for criticism.

That is as it should be! At times it matters not that they have by weight of argument changed their minds over the years and now hold new views on a specific topic. A twenty year old viewpoint will be used against them if there is any political mileage to be made from the move. Perhaps it will stop them from becoming the party leader or President at some point in their career.

It is right that we test out political representatives because of the job we expect them to perform on our behalf; why not the same for business leaders?

Business Leaders

Decision made by business leaders, at whatever level, do impact many people both within that organisation, and in their customer base. Yet their staff are rarely, if ever, allowed to criticise critical decisions - is this proper?

In many respects it could be argued that businesses are not democracies and that executives, managers and supervisors have to make any decision needed with business expediency in mind. This is certainly the traditional view about how businesses are run

Yet the flip side is that to the majority of us businesses do have a social responsibility, we can see this in the fact that the majority of organisations are bowing to public pressure in creating "Green" policies and procedures. They know that many of the clients will walk if they do not pay attention to the prevailing demands of society.

Yet business has a great say in the communities people live in and there have been many arguments made for greater employee or community involvement. As an employee you should certainly have a say, even if your voice is small.


Should you criticise you boss? There are certainly times when speaking out would be unwise, they may mark you as a potential trouble maker. But there are also ways to make your feelings known without them sounding like an outright attack on the company and its values.

How you communicate in the workplace, particularly about issues of a 'delicate nature' is certainly a skill that needs to be understood. Sometimes you have to find ways to criticise without criticising; you are suggesting improvements and not objecting to the things done. The boss should gain the idea that you have their best interests at heart and that you are not being driven by a self interest (even if you are).

Very much about How You Communicate

How you communicate says so much about you. When you communicate it should be to provide positive momentum and not get in the way.

The basic idea behind this inspirational thought of the day column is to question and inspire you to be better than you are right now. Inspirational thinking is an elemental part of human development. We have to know that when things go wrong that we have to know that with persistence and a little patience that we will be able to succeed with everything that we wish to do..

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
28th Sep 2012 (#)

My dear Peter,
A good thought for the day. Today, it is called practical intelligence= saying the right word at the right time, and mitigated speech-sugarcoating words of criticism to make them palatable to the patient.

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author avatar hastomo
28th Sep 2012 (#)

Nice share
Very specific and useful info

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author avatar Judy Ellen
19th Oct 2012 (#)

This is very good information but some people like to criticize just to make themselves feel important especially those who make comments on the Internet. Of course, people like politicians should be criticized because our lives are in their hands. However, criticism of our fellow writers should be handled more delicately and the one being critiqued should be made aware that we are just trying to help. Even then some people can't take criticism due to low self esteem. If our criticism does not help the other person to grow then it is inappropriate. We need to let the person know that we are not criticizing them as a person, but, just a fraction of their writing technique. Thanks for this series to help us grow as writers. I can't wait to finish all of your articles!! Perhaps there is hope for me yet!!!

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