The only way to live for a human being if they want to do more than survive

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Everybody wants to thrive, at least on paper if they cut corners and cheat a little bit. But the best way to thrive is to really and unequivocally thrive. Indeed, at the beginning of this article, I use the overused Mark Spitz quote: "We all love to win, but who loves to train?" Within the full context of that quote is why cheaters exist and genuine action takers are rare.

To start by breaching a subject worth writing or talking about:

To do more than survive, we have to really, really want a goal enough to take the total proper actions to genuinely get the goal. In life on Earth among human beings this is rare, and even called an obsession sometimes. But the realistic means to get a goal are to genuinely want the goal, and take action to get the goal.

When I typed the quote from the 1972 Munich Olympics of Mark Spitz in the introduction to this article with its sections, I was thinking to myself: "Too many things are wanted unrealistically, and too many things are attempted the easy way." This is the truth really when considering our "microwave the food quicker than cooking it on the stove world even when there is time to cook it on the stove and we can". If you get the point between the quotes, you know where this article is going. Realistically, I can say, the best way to want something is from the ground up and building it through genuine work on yourself.

If you want to know what "beggars cannot be choosers" means, look at every cheater that "succeeded" and then the fact that they faked it haunts them and hunts them down like the power hungry animals of cheating they are way down the road after they "got away with the scheme". So, this is how this article starts; by breaching the most uncomfortable subject of all: When you fake it and seem to get away with it or when you are real and you have no ghosts, just real mastery.

Now to breach the subject of the only way to really live

Live with honor, however hard it seems to be. Because when you fake things, and play games, they are the game you ultimately play on yourself and this is a warning: Even if you get away with it, the reality that you faked it will haunt you after you skipped over what you really needed to do.

That is almost like the 1970s television show Columbo with actor Peter Falk, where the murderous characters thought that they were above the law and could not be caught for murder. Even if the Police Lieutenant did not catch them though, their consciences would haunt them at least in a subtle way, I understand. The point to this anecdote though is that there is not any winning when you cheat, ever. Even if the illusion of winning looks wonderful, however it is spun, there is not any way to really win with it.

Dishonor is dishonor, even if you do "get away with it", something knows the facts within yourself, and they will haunt you. That haunting feeling that shadows you is the genuine "eleventh commandment" past the tenth commandment in the Christian Bible: "Thou shall not get away with it." I got that one from an old 1980s motion picture about a 1970s pulp fiction hero created by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir known as "Remo Williams The Destroyer". Although I am putting it in these terms of metaphors and anecdotes, the message is clear, "you shall not get away with it, but you can give it the greatest try and you still will not get away with it." The easiest way is to build genuine honor, it is the only way to really succeed, survive, live, exist peacefully and yes, win.

Indeed, the no-win scenario is cheating.

The mind closed to cheating is often the most powerful.

I know my view of life and believing in the unreality of "the easy way" can seem and even be sort of grim sometimes. But, face it, the ultimate genuine advantages really do come from being genuinely willing to be honest and then securing advantages in a realistically honest way that are even easier than if cheating was implemented ironically. I did not say that being honest was all easy or "the flowery beds of ease" though. Some of the hardest things done were honest, but also, some of the best advantages were obtained honestly. My point is though, some of the greatest advantages in life were obtained by minds closed to cheating or dishonesty of any sort.

Honesty is the lead that turns everything to gold ultimately. If you are caught being honest in hidden, good ways, there is praise, not guilt or heroism and not villainy. Indeed, this is what I mean that the mind closed to cheating is often the most powerful.

Any sort of dishonesty turns all seeming gold into instant lead or paint covered "fools gold"/iron pyrite. Right now, I think of former track star Marion Jones' who was "the fastest woman in the world" in the 1990s. All of the being lauded seemed like gold until she failed drug tests and confessed to every performance enhancing stimulant she ever used before 2001. That is a prime example of "you shall not get away with it". That is the one of the most genuine archetypes of how the dream world of cheating ends up. I also mention Lance Armstrong, who gave himself cancer with testosterone and other performance enhancing stimulants just to win bicycle tournaments and "feel like a winner for a while ". Proof: No one can beat conscience, no one. Not even former financiers Bernard "Bernie" Madoff or Alfred Ponzi, they would have died and left every one of their victims with the blame while they slept in their graves, and even started anew in some other dimension if they could with nobody knowing their deeds or blame at all. Get my point? Some, if they could win against conscience, they would. But, they cannot. It all catches up with you however open minded to cheating you seem to be, because reality is always is a principle, not a fluid concept that can be escaped or changed at whim. Evil and cheating is just unwise, immature, foolish and neurotically sick even if you do "win", is it not?


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