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Do you use the internet to the extent that it might be having an impact on your daily life?

The Power

If you’re anything like a lot of people, all you will use the Internet for is to chat to your friends, and maybe research facts for essays or assignments. However, there are so many other things that it’s used for, and it might be dangerous..

* Seeing what everyone is up to. If you post statuses on social networks saying what you’re doing and where you’re going, it might be very easy for people to know exactly where to find you. This might lead to you being hurt.
* Also, if you do this, people might know that your house is empty, leaving you open to theft and vandalism.
* Shopping. Internet shopping can sometimes be even more addictive that normal shopping. If you do not literally see the money change hands in the shop, you might not realise just how much money you’re spending. This might mean that you spend more than you have, and could leave you getting into debt.
* Identity theft. If you put your credit or debit card details into the Internet, somebody might be tracking your activity and therefore may be able to use your cards on the Internet, therefore spending money.
* Food shop. If you use on line supermarkets, you may be putting your health at risk. For many of us who have desk jobs, some of the only exercise that we get each week is going to the shops and pushing the trolley up and down the aisles. If we take this out of our lives, we may put on weight and therefore become lazy and unhealthy. It is also too easy to overspend on a food shop if we can’t see, literally, how much we are putting into our trolley.

Because of the above, we need to become more careful about how much, and how, we use the Internet. Before we know it, we can become addicted to the Internet, and may be putting ourselves at risk without even knowing it.


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19th Jun 2010 (#)

Wonderful share :) That is why we are sharing our thoughts from far places

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