The psychology of school shooters: The Montreal experience Part 2

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This series will deal with some of the questions and answers concerning why some people become lone gunmen and take it upon themselves to go out and shoot innocent school children or college and university students.

Montreal school shootings

Though Canada does not have many school shootings, Montreal seems to be a target for school shooters. The last article dealt with Valerie Frabrikant and his murderous rampage at Concordia University in Montreal. We also reviewed the murders at the Polytechnique at the University of Montreal.

Montreal school shootings continued

There was also an incident of a gun shot fired at Woodland Elementary School during the 90's. Fortunately no one was hurt.

In 1997, a 35 year old man killed his teacher at the Yves-Thériault Centre, a school for Francization immigrants learning English.

The Dawson College Shootings

The Dawson College Shootings

On Sept 13, 2006 people were hurt. A lone gunman with blond hair, sporting a Mohawk haircut and dressed in a black trench coat entered the atrium of Dawson College and opened fire. The students were caught by surprise. At first no one took this stranger seriously until the shooting began. To date the initial data reported two female students were killed and at least six students were in critical condition. Still others have been hospitalized with various degrees of injuries.

Note: This article was written as the story first aired. Updates will be provided in subsequent articles.

Eye witnesses recounted the events of the day and all were in the complete shock. "Who would have expected anything like this to happen?" they said. One of the witnesses explained how memories of Columbine rushed to the forefront of their minds.

Concordia University Student Union representatives

Concordia University Student Union representatives were among the first to rush to support the Dawson Students just streets away. Concordia University followed soon after by opening a reception room to feed and house the frightened young college students who had to escape the Dawson campus leaving all their belongings behind.

Frantic parents made their way down to the university hoping their children were safe. Dawson's 10,000 student population is largely made up of 16 - 18 years olds and is the equivalent of grade 12/13 in other Canadian provinces.

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine having to run down to see if your child was safe? Can you imagine the panic you would be feeling? How about if you were a police officer who rushes to the scene of the crime to find that his daughter was one of the slain? This was the case for a Montreal police officer who rushed to the scene of the Ecole Polytechnique of University of Montreal shootings discussed in Part 1.

My friend was forced to remain in the Montreal Children's Hospital where she was visiting a family member while the fiasco was being sorted out. The SWAT team had cordoned off the streets closest to the College.

to be continued

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