The psychology of school shooters: The Montreal experience Part 3

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This series will deal with some of the questions and answers concerning why some people become lone gunmen and take it upon themselves to go out and shoot innocent school children or college and university students.


When last we left off in this series we were reviewing the Dawson College Shooting in Montreal. Why could something like this happen? How could a lone gunman who never even went to the college come in a just shoot randomly at any student he could see?. To day we will look at the profile of a school shooter briefly. The topic what covered in depth already in another series. We will then apply these findings to the Dawson College incident.

Profile of a school shooter

The school shooter profile

Peter Langman, Director of Psychology for Kids Peace, told on Montreal news that there are three main types of people who commit school shootings:

Those who come from abusive, dysfunctional backgrounds; are psychopaths
and those who are mentally ill and suffering from delusions, hallucinations or paranoia, just to name a few symptoms.

Other experts say media hype helps to put the idea of school shootings into the minds of youth at risk. These young people are misunderstood, and feel ignored. They feel alienated by society. However with a gun in their hands they are no longer ignored.

In terms of prevention, Michael Hoechsmann, a professor of counselling and educational psychology at Montreal's McGill University, told CTV's Newsnet that society does not listen enough to young people.

"When you find a young person with a gun in their hand, you're more likely to listen to them than when they have a pencil or are sitting at a computer terminal."

Note: source no longer available on the net.

A Montrealer's reflections of the Dawson College shooting

This Montreal Mental Health examiner attended two of the schools out of the five schools where shootings had taken place namely; Dawson College and Concordia University. I never felt danger, but must now question if any school or place of higher education is really save anymore. Experts still maintain that schools are still safe places.

Minutes after the shooting at Dawson College my boyfriend commented that he thanked God his children did not go to Dawson or he would be tearing his hair out at this point. His son was a student at Concordia University here in Montreal and his daughter was a student of the University of British Columbia, British Columbia,Canada at the time.

We do not know why Kimveer Gill decided to kill innocent students and injure others, but we know that Canadians can never again look at Columbine and say this could never happen to us. It did several times over.

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I agree that we do not pay enough attention to young people.Blessings.

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