The skill for making decisions (Healthy Lifestyle)

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Good decision-making skill can help you reach your full health potential

The skill for making decisions (Healthy Lifestyle)

As young as we are, developing the skills for making decisions is the tool for facing the future. You have to make decisions about your lifestyle, education, career, and marriage. What are the major decisions that you have make now, that have an impact on your life? You might decide to smoke, drink alcohol drinks, use drugs, and other unhealthy habits. You may decide also make decision about your intimate relationships whether heterosexual or homosexual, who your friends will be, how to use your leisure time wisely, about dating, and many more.

Good decision-making skill can help you reach your full health potential. This does not only include physical but also the emotional, social, mental, cultural, who you are today and who you can become. This skill will help you develop awareness. The following are some steps that you take to make better decisions:

1. Decision should be defined.
2. Gather as much information as possible on the matter in question.
3. Other possible choices should be identified.
4. Examine the probable positive and negative effect on each choice.
5. Your goals must be identified (what you want to achieve) and the values.
6. Evaluate all choices and categorize them
7. Develop a plan of action and implement it
8. Assess the results of your action.

Making smart decisions in one’s life is important in achieving health. It will clarify your own value; think back what you do from hour to hour, day to day, week to week, month to month. Make note of the activities that you have accomplished, by listing two or three values to establish and develop a desirable habit that will benefit yourself and influence others.

Health tip:
Choose one habit or behavior you would like to improve.
1. Identify different strategies that can help you achieve change.
2. Identify possible barriers in establishing a positive habit.
a. Doing activities that you may enjoy which has fitness benefits (Positive strategy)
b. Doing activities that don’t indulge too much expenditure for equipment (Possible barrier)

Achieving appositive lifestyle does not mean changing all at once he habits or behavior that you have chosen. Changing it drastically results in possible barriers that affect your health action plan.

If your health action is for wellness, you don’t have to live a rigid, restricted life. Some basic changes in the way you live can make an important difference. For instance, physical fitness tones and trims the body so that you can actively enjoy life. Thirty minutes of exercise three times a week can help you stay fit. Likewise, good nutrition gives you the energy you need for study and play. Today’s teens skip breakfast which is bad for health. Eat breakfast regularly. Eating vegetables and fruit with moderate consumption of sugary, fatty, and salty food, will improve your diet.


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