The skin mirrors your own health

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Here are some interesting facts about your skin, did you know that many diseases can be diagnosed by simply observing the texture of your skin? Read to find out more.

Infertility is read in the belly

One out of ten women suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome, a leading cause of infertility and cardiovascular disease. You can check if you suffer from this syndrome by analyzing the skin around the navel.

The coarse, dense and dark hair in this area usually indicates the polychistic ovarian syndrome. If you find these signs, you should go to a gynecological checkup.

Cancer is predicted by nails

Cancer is predicted by nails

Nails too represent an important criterion of analysis, which will give you vital information about your health. Black,brown or yellow lines at the base of the nail are signs of damaged cells.

This damage can be caused by melanoma, one of the most severe forms of skin cancer. White spots on nails,in the shape of horizontal bands can be a sign of kidney disease.

These are signs that your kidneys can not properly filter the proteins in urine. When you see these changes,it is advisable to run several tests of urine.

Dark circles around your eyes, signs of allergies

People with persistent dark circles around their eyes can suffer from allergies. When the body comes into contact with a specific type of allergen, it releases histamines, which are substances that hinder blood circulation. Thus, dark circles can show up around your eyes.

If you feel that something is wrong, you should go to a detailed medical examination and run some tests.

Allergy testing can detect allergens that cause these unpleasant symptoms.

Orange skin, a sign of hypothyroidism

If you suffer from hypothyroidism,the thyroid gland causes the increase of beta carotene level in your blood. Beta-carotene in fruits and vegetables is metabolized by the thyroid, but when there are problems of functionality, the level of beta-carotene increases.

When suffering from hypothyroidism, the skin becomes dry and cold. Fatigue, weakness and pain are also symptoms of hypothyroidism, alongside weight gain.


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This made a fascinating and informative read, Emanuela. Thank you for sharing this, it is an insightful article..

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