The top 5 medicinal benefits of cannabis

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Cannabis isn't so bad if you have cancer or aids. It helps lots of patients when conventional medication aren't effective. It does come with side effects like all medications.

Benefits of cannabis

Although cannabis has some side effects like reduced short term memory, addiction, increased mental disorder, hallucination, and more but it also have some of the most powerful benefits out there for cancer patients, hiv patients and people with pain that medication will not treat it.

The benefits outweigh the risks for those patients and should be use if you're a patient. If you do not have illness, long term use can lead to many adverse
affects. However, cannabis is legal in most states in the US already.

Increase appetite

Cannabis are shown to increase appetite in anyone using it. It's helpful to those that loss their appetite due to
illness like cancer or HIV. People are shown to have reduced obesity while taking it.


Cannabis have the ability to work on the nervous system resulting in euphoria and relaxation. If you're stressed out or tense, it could help to reduce your stress and anxiety, could be useful for those with anxiety disorders.

More benefits

Cancer and brain cancer related

Cannabis have been shown to help with reduced cancer activities in the brain while leaving healthy brain cells alone. It can auto phage cancer cells. It's useful for cancer patients to alleviate their pain, nausea vomiting and other pain related to their illness.

Hiv positive patients

HIV positive patients found cannabis to help them stay strong and away from pain and weakness associated with the disease. It helps them improve their appetite and live a normal life unlike how they feel without it.

Nausea and Vomiting

Cannabis was made into the medication Marinol to help treat nausea and
vomiting cause by chemotherapy. This was for patients who failed to respond to conventional

Source: wikipedia


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6th Aug 2013 (#)

Cannabis is not legal in most US states already, as you claim. Only Washington and Colorado have it legal, 2 out of 50 states.

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