The top 5 things that could harm your ability to carry out pregnancy

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It's a beautiful thing to have children but you must ensure proper health so you can carry children perfectly. There are things that can harm your ability to give birth so read here.



Smoking will cause you to have a hard time to get pregnant. You can get pregnant but the initial stage is much harder than a non-smoker. This is because smoking cause a lot of stress on the body and stress has something to do with fighting your ability to get pregnant right. People who have a history of smoking have hard time getting pregnant.

They might try with their husband but might fail at getting pregnant. Smoking also works on your nerves too and not just your lungs. It control your nerves in many ways and this play a role in your body when you try to get pregnant. It might control your reproductive organs muscle tone, tone, hormones, and many other things and therefore can influence whether you can get pregnant or not.


Stds will make your fetus very unhealthy if you do get pregnant and sometimes it could be ectopic pregnancy and that will destroy your child and your ability to go on with the pregnancy. An std can cause your baby illness like blindness in some stds and infections and you can't give birth to it vaginally but via C section. If you have hiv, your kids will get via your blood. If you have herpes, your kids will get it when you give birth to it vaginally. If you have hepatitis, it will be transmitted to your baby. You pass on everything to the child.

I've worked with a parents who gave aids to their children in the
hospital before and didn't even know it. Aids parents can look very healthy too. Some stds destroy your reproductive systems so it's hard to have the pregnancy in the right place so it lies on top of the right place sometimes or on some small tubes that it is stuck with. This is why it's imperative that you get an STD check once in awhile and right before you want to get pregnant and while you're pregnant.


Stressed out people can't get pregnant and it's a trend. Lots of stressed out professionals can't get pregnant and I wonder why. Yes, stress has something with your inability to get pregnant. This is because your body response to stress and your reproductive organ response to stress, like your muscle tones, contraction, hormones secretion, cells lining, and preparation process for pregnancy. Now, if these factors are disturbed, then your reproductive chances are disturbed as well. Why do you think stress cause people to have all sorts of health diseases, cause it make changes in your body that is not healthy for you so reduce your stress if you want to get pregnant.

More tips


Nutrition has a lot to do with pregnancy. If you eat right, healthy, you can get pregnant and carry a healthy baby but if you're anorexic or overweight, or lack a lot of essential vitamins and minerals then you will have a hard time carrying a healthy pregnancy.

Alcohol and drugs use
These are a common no no and it will destroy your fetus. You should know this by now and drugs will do the same so quit them months before you get pregnant.


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