The top 5 ways to deal with a mentally ill person in your life

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Dealing with the mentally ill is so difficult. You can be harm sometimes too. Here are some ways to avoid those situations.

Tips how to deal with them

Know that they're mental

The first way to really deal effectively in this situation is to know that they're mental.
If you keep on making excuses for them, like they don't know any better or they're your family, you might be harmed significantly one day. Mentally ill people have very poor control over their emotions so you might be a victim. I've been a victim in myself from mentally ill people so I know exactly what I'm talking about.

There have been lots of people out there who were killed by mentally ill family members, one Japanese artist killed his mom, mutilated her, and ate
her eyes ball. He had schizophrenia and thought that his mom is a devil so he attack her, and you're really insane if you think your own lovely mother is a devil.

Get them help

If they're your family member or spouse or friend, you can take a step toward helping them by getting them to the doctor. They can be prescribed medication to help with their illness, medication does help a lot as I've seen in my patients and family members.

They will not be able to get help themselves. You can also sign them up for SSI or government benefits after an evaluation from a doctor come out.
This way they won't have to get in trouble trying to work with crazy people.

Avoid them

If you must, you should never be close to them any time if you don't have to. If you can be in your own room, doing your own thing, then why must you deal with them
if there are caregivers around or people that work better with them. Sometimes, it could just be you that they don't like or jealous of, or your relationship with others in the family
that cause them to be jealous. My sibling hated me from the start cause he had a failing relationship with his father, so he always hated me and would do everything he can to harm me.

I removed myself away from his home and I no longer live with him and this is the best thing that had ever happened to me. Sometimes, they're not ill at all but they just despise you for something that they lack of or fail in.

More tips

Avoid bringing up the red alert

You should avoid bringing up the red alert while you still live nearby them. These alert could be anything that make them angry and encourage them to do crazy things.
You should know what those are and they're all different in all relationships. For me it was my ambitions, career, relationship with family that caused my siblings to hate me.
He hated everything about me. He get jealous with everything and also because he is not great in some of these areas in his life that caused him to hate me. He was also kind of mentally ill ever since he was a kid anyways, so I do forgive him and remove myself away from him and it was the best resolution and nothing else would have work out. I would be
bullied as long as I lived next to him.

Remove yourself from their living space

If you can do this then it will be the best solution for you, to move out on your own. If you can rent a room, or rent an apartment or live with other family members then you should do so.

It will save you a lot of headache and troubles. You might be safer this way. I noticed that I was at risk for physical harm at all time when I was living with my crazy family member and I'm much
safer now.


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