The treatment of Depression

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Depression can be cured.......It just need to know how to treat....

Most of the peoples takes anti-depressant medications....Are you among them..

The onset of depression is biological factors, the result of both genetic and social factors. Therefore, the treatment of depression from the physical, psychological, and social support to take the bio - psycho - social intervention, treatment, and achieve the purpose of effective disease control, elimination of symptoms and restoration of social function, and ultimately overcome depression.

Depression intervention including medication, psychological therapy, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy, ECT, relapse prevention measures, and social support to help.

Changes in specific parts of the human brain biochemical substances, biochemicals, including the central nervous system, metabolic disorders, neuroendocrine disorders, people can produce symptoms of depression. In other words, human beings produce depression of the corresponding material basis for According to the change of biochemical substances in the brain, humans developed a series of drug treatment of depression, and achieved good efficacy in clinical practice. The drug treatment of depression should follow the following principles:

1. The depression are common symptoms of mental illness, a variety of mental illnesses can be symptoms of depression, like the fever medicine a variety of disease symptoms can appear, it is necessary to confirm the diagnosis, the different principles of diagnosis and treatment of medication is not exactly the same.

2. The antidepressant to achieve therapeutic dose or the treatment effect is not good, but also may delay the disease.

3. Since depression is an easy-to-recurrence of the disease, internationally recognized in recent years antidepressant treatment is generally divided into three, that is, the acute treatment period, the consolidation of the treatment period, the maintenance treatment period. The time of the first onset, for example, three :6-8 weeks, 4-5 months 6 months 1 year; recurrence of depression, the medication time should be extended.

4. Anti-depressant drug use according to the patient's age, physical condition and possible adverse drug reactions, also take into account the mechanism of action of drugs, drug interactions and other issues.

5. treatment of depression but also concerned about the process of the patient's degree of cooperation with, and adhere to adequate doses of treatment, the full course of treatment in order to obtain the best results of treatment of depression.

Drugs in the treatment of depression plays a significant role. About 90% of patients with major depressive disorder, antidepressant drug treatment. The success of the antidepressant treatment of major depressive disorder continue to keep the health status of more than a year and a half the proportion of 70% -80%. Therefore, drug treatment is very important in the treatment of depression.

Comprehensive intervention, although the antidepressant drug is the first choice of drug onset is relatively slow, can not be quickly control their risk of suicide for patients with severe suicidal ideation. Modified ECT treatment, with rapid relief of symptoms of advantages, especially for those seriously ill patients with depression. After a lot of clinical research and observation confirmed that modified ECT is the treatment under anesthesia, multi-parameter monitoring is very effective, safe, make the disease quickly ease, efficiency as high as 70% -90%.

In recent years, the psychological treatment of depression gradually developed increasingly gained the attention of clinicians. Psychotherapy to reduce depressive symptoms, the prevention of recurrence of depression, improve patient compliance, and strong social support has a very active role. Psychological treatment for major depressive disorder: cognitive behavior therapy, supportive psychotherapy, the dynamics of psychotherapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, marriage and family therapy.

The data show that even if the treatment of patients with first depressive episode, there are some patients have to face a recurrence of the problem. However, as long as there is enough patience to adhere to treatment, depression can be overcome. In short, early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment can relieve the patient's symptoms of depression, reduce the mortality of the disease, reducing the rate of disease recurrence.


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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
29th Jul 2012 (#)

35 years of research out of Stanford tells us that the most successful intervention with majoy depressions is, in fact, medication combined with a course of 20-30 (either individual or group) psychotherapy visits. We have known for a long time that it is not clearly either-or.

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