The youth of today still do not understand the negative consequences of drinking

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Drinking alcohol in excess is an immediate health concern. Apparently the youth of today say it is fun and they don't realize the consequences.

Young people drinking in the streets

We know that teenagers do not really understand the consequences of drinking alcohol and it appears that young university student do not realize how early drinking has serious repercussions on a person’s life. A new study in Valencia, Spain concentrated on the habit of young people drinking in the streets.

Teenagers drink more alcohol than university students

Researchers at Valencia's universities, “Miguel Hernández de Elche and Jaume I de Castellón, have conducted a study funded by the Spanish National Drugs Plan identifying the different types of alcohol consumers and defining the profiles of each.”

One would assume that university students would be drinking more because they are older, but the study showed that teenagers actually drank more
. In the process of playing botellón (drinking in the streets) the teenage males and university aged males drank roughly the same amount of alcohol. The females in both age groups drank about the same amount as well.

The study was conducted from 2007 – 2009 in three Spanish cities and the subjects were self-reported high alcohol consumers between the ages of 14 – 25. The study revealed that men intend to drink more and are less concerned with the risk of succumbing to an addiction. They begin by drinking less as a teenager and begin drinking more and more as time goes by. By following this course, teens drink as much as University students by the time they are 20 years old.

Drinking for fun

The teens stated they had personal reasons for drinking while university students said they drank for leisure. Interestingly, though both groups say they drink for fun, only the university student practiced botellón for financial purposes.

Neither group were fully aware of the consequences for drinking other than the immediate symptoms such as vomiting or whatever they have heard from the media.

The young people do not see a problem with drinking. They believe that they will not have negative consequences from drinking. This is actually in line with Erik Erikson’s theory where teenagers rebel from rules and authority. He also introduced the invincibility fable, where teens feel that bad things can happen to anyone else but themselves.

Even though the study was done in Spain they ideas reported by the youth applies to North American youth as well. There is a need for more education about alcohol and its negative effects.

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