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A look at Alzheimer's from the mind of the patient.

Who is that in the mirror?

It seems that many persons come and go in our lives. Almost, like drifters in the wind. They cross our path, touch our lives, and just as easy, fly away. I wonder about what they bring, and what they leave behind. This is a thought that I ponder over, each time. Yet, another one comes and goes, and I am left behind to wonder. Why so many cross our path, yet never stay behind?

I do not know the answer to that question. What I do know is that I try to remember. Some I do, some I do not. I wonder if they remember crossing paths. They come in, we get to know them, and then they just walk away.

I have been one of those drifters, too. I have walked into a person’s life, and then walked right out. Some, I gave it a second thought, others, I did not. I wonder if they remember crossing my path. After pondering these questions, I went on a memory quest. I tried hard to remember those who drifted in my life, and those I drifted from their lives.

I found I had great memories of some, yet of others, I did not. Now, I know why I could not remember some. They were memories of a past, I much rather forget. Yet, here they are. Not drifting in my life, but drifting in my mind.

Memory in our minds is like a giant computer file. Some memories stay in the front, others hide back. I wonder how our brain classifies those memories. Does it know that bad memories need to put in a cluttered stack? Does it know that good memories should float around to make us smile?

These are questions unanswered that remind me of how remarkable is our mind. It stores information from the first day we are born, and keeps them all tucked in until we start to reminisce.

Just like drifters in our lives, these are memories of our past. They come and they go, they hide and they peek, they stack and they float.

Yet, for some reason, I cannot remember. Am I here, or am I there? Am I child, or am I a grown woman? Do I go to work, today, or is it school instead. I feel, I am confused with these memories of my past. Am I living in the present? Are you my daughter or my mom?

Why is it so hard to understand, exactly where I am? Yesterday, I was married. Today, I am a widow. When did my husband die? Was I married at some time? My beautiful children surround me, Oh, no, I am only 15. How can I have kids already, If I do not even have a boyfriend? Mom and dad will be really mad.

Oh, never mind. Now, I remember. They are my great grandkids. What was I thinking?


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