Things that to avoid to protect mother and pregnancy

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The health and well-being of a mother and the unborn child are important throughout the pregnancy.

Things that to avoid to protect mother and pregnancy

The health and well-being of a mother and the unborn child are important throughout the pregnancy. Therefore, a mother should take care of herself and her unborn child. There are things that can interfere with the normal growth of your child and they should be avoided. Some of these are:


Tension and stress tend to attack the physical body of a pregnant woman in different ways. For instance, when you are stressed while pregnant, you may experience insomnia, back pain, constipation and much more. This can cause low birth weight or result in pre-term birth.

Tobacco smoke

Smoking is very detrimental to Mother and Pregnancy. Therefore, it should be avoided completely. Tobacco smoke is dangerous and pregnant women should avoid being around other people who also smoke. When smoking, your unborn child will receive less oxygen. This can cause the unborn child to develop more slowly, and the baby will gain weight slowly too. Cigarettes also elevate the risks of premature labor, low birth weight, miscarriage, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and the baby being born with respiratory problems.


You should avoid over-the-counter medications, for example painkillers, that you are taking or wish to take when you are pregnant. You should only take drugs that have been recommended or approved by a medical practitioner. A doctor will advise you on the right dosage to take and give alternatives for harmful medicines.

This is important because drugs tend to pass through the placenta and they have a high possibility of affecting the fetus that is growing inside you. Avoid the use of illegal drugs such as cannabis, ketamine, ecstasy, or cocaine. These drugs will increase the risk of fetal abnormalities and pregnancy complications.


As a pregnant mother, you should avoid intake of alcoholic drinks. This is because alcohol tends to cross the placenta. Therefore, it may affect the developing liver of your baby because it cannot eliminate alcohol with the same intensity as an adult liver. Excessive use of alcohol particularly during the first trimester can raise your risks of having a miscarriage or low birth weight.

Alcohol abuse can also result in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. This disease results in serious health problems in the baby, for instance, behavioral disorders, and heart defects.


During the entire duration of pregnancy, it is advisable for you to avoid intake of products that have caffeine, for example, coffee, tea, and soda. This is because as you take these stimulants, your unborn baby will also experience the stimulation of the brain and heart caused by caffeine. A due date calculator will help you plan and know the length of time that you will stay without taking caffeine containing stimulants.


You should avoid the use of pesticides during the first three months of your pregnancy. This is because the nervous system of the baby is developing rapidly at this stage. Therefore, their growth may be affected by the chemicals found in toxic fumes and pesticides. Always check the ingredients of household cleaners before buying or opt for the natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda.

Pregnancy is a significant period in the life of every woman. Therefore, it is important for you to take special care of yourself and your baby. You can visit to determine the exact day that you will get your bundle of joy. These calculators are easily available and affordable. You will never regret using them as you wait for the coming of your baby.


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