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Palliative home care helps you in dealing with the various challenges of caring for the patient. With highly skilled and qualified palliative care providers, you get to deal with respite care, personal care, feeding, pain management, and a lot more.

Palliative home care - designed to provide the right care

When anyone in the family suffers from a chronic disease, he or she desires to be cared for in the comfort of the home; surrounded by family, friends and relatives.

They don’t feel like giving up on their usual activities and be confined to the four walls. Dealing with chronic diseases not only is difficult for the patient but is equally distressing for the family too. It becomes really difficult and challenging.

Most people, who have to care for a chronically ill patient, find themselves dealing with the anxiety that arises due to dismissal, helplessness, anger and guilt. While these reactions are pretty normal, the situation turns chaotic for the patient and the caregiver, alike. Things can get complicated if a caregiver doesn’t provide the patient with the required care and attention.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a solution, you can get the required support and care for the patient through palliative home care - designed to provide the right care for the chronically ill patients.

Palliative Care: An Overview

Palliative home care helps you in dealing with the various challenges of caring for the patient. With highly skilled and qualified palliative care providers, you get to deal with respite care, personal care, feeding, pain management, and a lot more.

Moreover, palliative home care helps you overcome the problems which usually arise with caring for the chronically ill patients. It can even save you from the undesired trips to the hospital emergency room and the prolonged hospital stays, mostly required in the case of acute pain, breath shortness and other chronic disease symptoms. Palliative home care helps you stay safe and recover in the comfort of your home.

There are various palliative care services that you can avail for your loved ones who are suffering from any chronic disease. The good thing about palliative care is that it can be given simultaneously with the treatment.

Palliative home care works with the main objective of improving the quality of life for the patients. Some of the commonly availed palliative home care services include the following:

 Medical evaluations, these include evaluating the common symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, anxiety as well as pain.

 Prescription of medicines for relieving the symptoms.

 Additional medical treatments such as wound treatment and other medical needs

 Physical therapy and various other rehabilitation needs

 Emotional and spiritual support

 A chance for social interaction

 Guidance on navigating the healthcare system

 Understanding individual healthcare needs

Benefits of Palliative Home Care

In recent years, palliative home care has become the most preferred mode of home care treatment. People opt the service not only because it offers comfort to the patient but also because palliative care even helps the family members in dealing with the chronically ill patients.

Some of the benefits as offered by palliative home care include:

 It allows you feel relaxed and comfortable

 It helps you recover amidst a favourable surrounding, inclusive of your family and friends

 Saves you from the unnecessary hospital stay

 Helps you avoid unwanted hospital trips

 Offers customized and tailored care approach

 Emotional, physical and mental support

Frequently Asked Questions About Palliative Care

Though palliative home care has proved to be of great help in managing the chronic disease patients, people still happen to have certain doubts about this care approach.

Let us here has a look at some of the frequently asked questions about palliative care:

Is palliative home care same as the regular home care?

No, palliative home care is not same as the regular home care because the former is a specially designed healthcare program which helps in dealing with the patients who are in an advanced stage of a chronic disease or are undergoing any kind of aggressive treatment; specifically related to different cancer types.

Experts state that palliative care is more suitable for patients who are suffering from cancer and have undergone treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Moreover, it has even proved helpful in the case of severe diseases related to the heart. The nurses who undertake palliative care are trained in oncology, ICU as well as hospice.

What can all chronic diseases be addressed by palliative home care?

You can seek palliative care for patients who have any progressive or advanced disease, such as cancer, renal disease, ALS, pulmonary disease, CVA, AIDS and Alzheimer’s disease.

What is the approach to palliative care?

In most cases, palliative home care works as per the regulations of home health care. As the patients are suffering from chronic diseases, great care is taken in helping them manage the various symptoms associated with the disease. They are made to feel comfortable and allowed to do less strenuous usual activities so that they can stay engaged and don’t stress much about the illness. Also, the patients are kept homebound if they have severe symptoms or pain. It even helps in constant monitoring and effective pain management.

Do palliative home care patients get physical, speech or the occupational therapy?

This will depend on the individual who is suffering from the chronic disease. If the treatment requires the administration of any such therapy, it will be covered under the palliative care under expert supervision.

Are the palliative home care patients given infusion (IV) therapy at home?

Yes, they are. The palliative home care nurses manage patients receiving IV antibiotics, TPN and IV pain medications, along with IV therapy.

Palliative home care is like having the extra layer of support at home which can help in making a big difference to the quality of life. Pain and symptom management by an expert will keep you, and your loved one, more relaxed and comfortable.


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