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Purpose,Choice and Momentum. What it takes to make measurable progress. What it takes to manifest your dreams. Thoughts on the ingredients of achievement.


Pure Potential and the exponential possibilities of ever increasing happiness isn't even an idea for most of us. To many, its a pipe dream, and some would laugh as if the idea where unrealistic and foolish.
In weights and measures the absence can be remedied only by a presence. So when thinking positive isn't a readily clear, and sound possibility, what can we do to move in the direction of its manifestation?
Positive Thinking will increase when we measure our progress. Positive thinking will increase when we develop intention. Positive thinking will increase when we set some goals. How though do we make measurable, and sustainable progress, so that our efforts to think positive, create the kind of momentum that dissolves the need to be reminded to think positive in the first place? How do we get to where thinking positive is automatic?
A belief is just a thought that we keep thinking. How many thoughts are merely opinions? How many actions are based on a meme? We often shy away from what we really want, because we've allowed or blindly accepted that our influences set the course for our choices. Cultural codes, and happen circumstance environments, settle in. As creatures of habit, without the practice of purpose, our own greatest potentials merely scratch the surface of the surface while we're here on this earth.
Starting small is absolutely larger than all the excuses combined, that work to convince us, why it is that we should avoid entertaining the idea of ever deciding to begin again. We learn through repetition, but without conscious intention, repetition is a merely a whim. Repetition morphs into a habit and we insist; "that's just how I am".
Discover what it means to put intention, behind attention. Remember to remember, it starts with little things. Find Value in a moment, Find Value in the Trees, Find Value in the Music, Find Value in a Sneeze. Success is ever-present you see. We are masters at manifesting, we get what we believe. Build the habit of seeing wonder and begin to consciously achieve.
Everything is energy, and thoughts sure do become things. Emotions are often behind the scenes, making better memories begins with better dreams."Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein. Momentum on Purpose Achieves.


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12th Sep 2011 (#)

Envisage: Excellent! As (as it says) I always say, "think Good, And it will be Good"
2bpositive, always.......

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