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Realistically speaking, all pain is temporary, and much pleasure is memorable. But the only pain that seems permanent to some is fear. That is what I want to talk about in this article, having permanent courage facing it all down and getting through it.

We start here in total complete and utter courage to face it.

A famous President of the United States said once that "the buck stops here". That is the real and honest truth. It always stops with the person genuinely going through anything and experiencing it and no matter how much money you have, no matter how good the therapists or doctors, the buck stops with the person going through it.

To some, the above title may sound rather unreasonable. But, is it? I don't think that it is in reality. Sure, others may have a different point of view. But consider this: We have an infinite capacity for creativity when courageous, we cannot do anything when fearful. On the other hand, there is being foolhardy when too courageous, and rationally fearful when faced with genuine danger. Trying to cover all rational sides of the story is hard, but it is worth it when said and done.

I mean, in thoughts and realities though, noble action and courageous thinking to face problems is best. Without the courage to face reality, nothing can get done, big or small.

In the morning, all fear starts with: "I do not want to get up and face it, it's so bad." All courage probably starts with "I'll take it!" from a very deep place. Sure, "I'll take it" is simpler than the first option of "I do not want to get up and face it, it's so bad", but that simple thing can seem like the hardest thing in the world when faced with something "big". I put the word big in quotes, because when something big is faced successfully enough and enough times. It becomes very small and very normal really, and can be faced easily ultimately. Let's look at Roger Bannister and the four-minute mile run for a second:

Before May 6th, 1954, the four-minute or less mile run was considered impossible. But after that, it got whittled down to two minutes and other "more amazing" records. The point I am making with that anecdote about the four-minute mile is this: Any situation faced strongly enough and persistently enough becomes very small and very normal really, and can be faced easily ultimately through realistic action, attitude and a rational viewpoint that works for the situation.

So, I will jump to this: Someone will even have the courage to conquer life and death ultimately through the same viewpoint. I did not mean now, or the near future, but ultimately. No matter how we look at things, but, within reason, total courage and perseverance is the way.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
14th Nov 2015 (#)

The fear due to uncertainty bedevils us more than anything else, but when the situation arises we will adapt.

I face life with a practical view - I am alone though I may have a loving family. I came alone and also leave alone but have to adjust to circumstances on a daily basis while here.

If further journey is destined I would have to use the faculties that I would be provided with and, hopefully, there will be others too sharing the same predicament! Even desolate planets are not lonely as there are many out there! siva

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