This Type of Cancer can Attack Our Hearts

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We rarely hear about cancer that attacks the heart. We will learn two of them.

This Type of Cancer can Attack Our Hearts

On November 1991, the drummer of rock band KISS, Eric Carr died because of cardiac cancer. His death triggered by brain hemorrhage. Cancer cells in his heart was carried away by blood and flow to his brain.

Cancer and heart attack are equally including in the most deadly diseases. However we seldom hear about cancer that attacks the heart. Indeed there are many types of cancer ever discovered in the heart. Two of them are sarcoma and lymphoma.

The most common type of cancer found growing in the heart is sarcomas, a type of cancer that grows in soft tissues. Although sarcomas is usually not malignant, this cancer is deadly because it can damage the heart valves and blood vessels.

The impacts of growth of cell cancer in the heart that later may kill the patient are as follows:

1. Impaired blood flow through the heart
2. Hardening of the heart muscle (cardiac fibrosis)
3. The stuck of the heart valves (endocarditis maratic)

If the heart valve had stuck, the only solution is change the heart through heart transplant. But usually if the valve had stucked, then the cancer is already in an advanced stage so that the possibility of recovery is slim.

Apart from sarcomas, cancer that attack heart in general is a cancer in other tissue that spreads to the heart. One of them is lymphoma, which is a cancer that initially grows in the lymph nodes around the neck and then spread to the heart.

Other cancer that has impact on the heart is a carcinoid tumor, which is cancer that attacks the neuroendocrine system. This type of cancer affecting heart indirectly, by triggering the production of certain hormones that damage the heart valves.

In general, case of cancer that attacks heart is relatively rare. From 12,487 autopsies that have been done in a study, it is only found 7 positive cases of death due to heart cancer.

It is estimated, one cardiac cancer is only found in 1,000 cancer cases worldwide. In an average year there is only one new case for cardiac cancer is reported from around the world.


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