Thought, Action and Generation - The T.A.G. system

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We all have thoughts. But only some of those thoughts get to the final stages of action and generation of results. Here is a formula to get our best thoughts manifested in these sections, broken up into three parts. (Maybe more with longer titles to them and a little more elaboration as I go.)


This is where it all starts, with a thought. Before acting and generating results, a concept must be built from thoughts. This is a neutral area, the thought we want to make real can be good or bad, but the end result to be beneficial must be good really, but thoughts are a neutral area of reality in that sense. But even the best of thoughts are nothing without action.


Reality is what we make it. Without action, even the loftiest or worst of thoughts is nothing. It is better, however that the worst of thoughts do not become action. But the best thoughts unborn are genuinely wasted.

Generation of results

There is not a gray area here. This is the last and most important part of actualizing things, generating results. The integration of possibility ends here. Sure, it all starts with a thought, but without the action to make it real and then the generating power to do what needs to be done to generate results. Nothing will happen. We all have a choice to actualize ourselves or not, even in the best or worst conditions.

The most important reality is this:

When we think, act and generate in that order, we are literally being, doing and having our results properly. All that is needed is a good or sound goal that works and we are off to do what wants and needs to be done. We all at some time need and want to get off of our weakness and make a strong choice. The best choices are made quickly and beneficially and finished in detail with time taken to do them completely right.

For, decisiveness is power, indecisiveness is weakness.

What do I mean by the above simple statement. If you want to think, act and generate results quick choices need to be made and proper, not so much swift action needs to be taken. Quick and beneficial choices show a get it done nature. Anyone who does not get things done does the opposite, they make choices slow, and then act hastily once the choice is made. That is the genuine key to failure in reality. Destructive action is sometimes worse than no action at all. All benefit comes from real success. That may sound grossly simple, but there is not any truth more important or real than that to know if you want to succeed really.

Everything is in a state of becoming, do not take it for granted

There is always now to take proper action in. The past and the future do not count for anything, except what has happened, and what could happen. That's it. Now is where all the cash, present things and power is. This is what makes everything in a state of becoming, for indeed, became and will become has no real power in reality. This is not a reality to be taken lightly. After all, how do you feel when you are spending your cash, not have spent it or will spend it, anyway? The present is like that cold hard cash you are spending all the time, not have spent or will spend.


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