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What is the most refreshing thing you have ever had? What is your everyday poison? We all have our favourites. Think about the effects of you favourite drink - provided is does not contain too much sugar then I am sure it has many health benefits.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is so refreshing on a hot day it seems to cool down the entire body and refresh you from head to toe.

Most people love an ice cream, and the majority of us have a tub in the freezer on any given day. I share this feeling but know there is no tub in my freezer currently. There probably will be after we next go shopping.

Ice cream fits in the naughty but nice category of foods. It is so nice because it acts to cool our bodies down the instant we eat it, yet we all have to admit how naughty it is because it is laden with sugar and fattening things (the products we gladly ignore when we are enjoying a scoop or two.

The joy of ice cream is so much that is almost a loveable essential.

Tea or Coffee

Most of us have an addiction to one of these 'evil' drinks. My poison is large and black, particularly if it is brewed by Starbucks. We all have our favourites to be taken at specific times in the day.

"I cannot get going in the morning without my cup of tea" states Mary. She is right for the majority of us we almost need to take it intravenously. Of course such a suggestion is not a good idea.

Over the years there have been many people talking about how bad coffee or tea are for people's health. Whatever you believe I am sure you are like me you will not give up your daily dose of poison. These days however I do try to limit my intake and only have a second cup on limited occasions.

Our love for these drinks is likely to remain with us for many years to come. Recently I heard that when you are thirsty (like on a hot summer's day) scientific research has shown that there is no problem about drinking coffee of tea to quench your thirst.

Beer or Wine

Being social? Then there is nothing like a beer or a glass of wine.

Beer or wine can certainly be refreshing especially when you are with a group of friends.

Today there may be some social considerations about drinking beer, such as ensuring you do not drink and drive. But that is to be expected and as long as we take the right precautions there is no reason why you cannot enjoy a drink out with friends. Just ensure you take a taxi home afterwards.

Personally I do love to have an occasional beer, but these days I rarely (if ever) drink away from home. It can certainly be refreshing on the right day watching the right thing on TV.

The Glass of Milk

Many people find milk so refreshing especially when drunk in a cool glass. Milk is so versatile as it is mixed with other ingredients in order to make so many flavoured drinks.

I am not much of a fan of milk because it is not a good brain food, but each person will find the right drink to refresh them and milk may be right for you. yet milk has many curative properties.

A Simple Glass of Water

One of the best forms of refreshment has to be simple, yet pure, water. Water seems to be the fluid of life, so simple and yet so refreshing.

This is now big business with Evian, Nestle, Dasani, and other bottlers making money from the sale of this pure, yet basic, liquid.

Often it is easiest just to reach for a glass of cool refreshing water. One thing we do know about this drink is that it comes with all the nutrients we need in life. Sometimes it touches the spot other drinks cannot reach.

All the Bases

This was a quick review of all the drink groups we need for a life full of refreshment. Make sure you stay refreshed today and every day of your life.

The basic idea behind this inspirational thought of the day column is to question and inspire you to be better than you are right now. Inspirational thinking is an elemental part of human development. We have to know that when things go wrong that we have to know that with persistence and a little patience that we will be able to succeed with everything that we wish to do..

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author avatar Teila
28th Sep 2012 (#)

I love it!

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
29th Sep 2012 (#)

Funny you should bring this up. Today after work my wife really wanted an ice cream, it is still warm here and might be one of the last days to get ice cream this summer. But as luck would have it the ice cream store just changed its hours to close at 4 on Fridays and we were half hour too late. Oh well. They are open late tomorrow so we shall get some then! It is important to find these refreshments.

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author avatar Retired
29th Sep 2012 (#)


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author avatar Bets
30th Sep 2012 (#)

Peter, I just read thru your titles and that was like looking at a smorgasboard, ho-ho. Can't make up my mind which to read first. I love everything you write about.
Smiles, Bets
P.S. I'll be back to let you know what my favorite lines were from each.:)

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author avatar Bets
30th Sep 2012 (#)

Where you wrote; "scientific research has shown that there is no problem about drinking coffee of tea to quench your thirst." (Correction needed.) coffee OR tea.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Oct 2012 (#)

Everything in moderation - is what the doctor prescribed! Then nothing is sinful! siva

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author avatar Ptrikha
1st Oct 2012 (#)

A good take on all these different things- good going!

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