Three Ways to Get Healthy, Soft and Luscious Locks by Use of Natural Ingredients

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This article is about getting healthy and soft hair through some natural ways which will help them achieve their goal.

Three Ways to Get Healthy, Soft and Luscious Locks by Use of Natural Ingredients

People usually buy expensive hair products,sprays,gels,mousse etc and get hair therapies just in search of healthy-looking and soft hair. Lucky for you, I found and tried some these hair remedies/masks and they work awfully good. All of their requirements can be found easily at homes and if not, they can be easily bought and are quite cheap as well.
The first remedy happens to be a hair mask. It consists of eggs,yogurt and olive oil. I have experienced it and it, for sure, fulfills its promise. Not only me, but my friends have also tried this method and found it extremely helpful.This remedy should be applied weekly for better results.
Get 2 bowls; 1st for yogurt, 2nd for eggs (Number of eggs depend on the person's will).If this remedy is being prepared for an individual, crack 2 eggs.Once you've cracked the eggs, add olive oil and pour the mixture of both in the bowl of yogurt.Stir it well, and apply it on your hair.Keep the applicant applied on your head for about 2 hours and rinse your head with a shampoo.Keep shampooing till your head is smell free.When you're done with shampooing, I recommend not to blow dry your hair.Instead, use sunlight to do so.Sunlight is very essential for our health whereas blow drier is an electronic device which plays a major role in damaging your hair.However, if this is taking place at night, you may use the blow drier.After your hair has dried, you can see the result yourself.
The second remedy also consists eggs. The other two ingredients happen to be honey and mashed avocado.This remedy plays an important role in growth of hair.This has been experienced as well and is by far the best of these three remedies.Your hair starts to grow longer and healthier in about a week.It should be applied weekly for better results.The method of this remedy is pretty much like the first one except that it needs excessive shampooing so those little pieces of avocado are removed from your head.
The third remedy, The oiling method, does, for sure, consists of weird and unusual ingredients... Pumpkin and Aloe Vera oil? These, sure may sound weird but once these enriching,moisturizing oils are combined, they create a heaven on your head.They were suggested to me by my hairdresser when I went for a haircut.Both of these oils are easily available at local health food stores, but don't worry, I know the technique to prepare them as well.This process is quite time consuming but you know what they say,"Good things come to those who wait". Massage (the combined oils) the oil into scalp and rub it in from roots to tips.You can leave it on overnight for deeper penetration and rinse it off with shampoo in the morning.They have fascinating advantages such as dandruff-relief,conditioning,stimulates hair growth and soon the hair has improved texture, length, and strength.
Method for making Aloe Vera Oil:-
This process requires aloe vera leaves and coconut oil.Filet the aloe vera leaves and remove the slimy gel(also called aloe gel) in middle of the leaves and add into a bowl with some coconut oil and mix until the gel is entirely covered in oil.Let the mixture stand for 2-3 days.After you let your aloe gel/coconut oil mixture rest for 2-3 days, heat it on the stove top for anywhere between 10-15 minutes. Keep the flame low, and stir frequently to ensure your gel does not burn.Wait for it to cool down.When room temperature, strain the oil to get any aloe vera gel pieces out. Pour the liquid into a bottle.
Method for making Pumpkin Oil:-
This process requires Styrian pumpkins or seeds, knife, oven, mortar and pestle, airtight container and bottle.Buy necessary Styrian pumpkins or seeds, or plan ahead by planting seeds in the spring and harvesting the Styrian pumpkins in the fall when ripened.Gather the seeds or, using a very sharp knife, split the pumpkins apart so that the seeds are exposed and the pumpkin can be cleaned out easily.Remove all of the seeds, manually separating them from the pumpkin pulp.Wash the seeds thoroughly and then allow them to dry completely.Roast the seeds at 140F for a few minutes in the oven.Press the seeds using a mortar and pestle to expel the dark oil and apply firm pressure.Collect the oil and allow it to rest in an airtight container for approximately four weeks.At this point, it can be bottled or canned.

I really want you guys try these remedies/masks.Hopefully, they turn out good as they did at my turn.


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You should definitely try it!

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