Time Surfing

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Ever feel short of time??? Try thinking of time differently, and see if this helps you beat that feeling of constantly running against the clock.

Time Surfing

The other week I had a last minute project land on my desk. I was delighted at the prospect of working on it yet, I was also terrified as there wasn't much time to get it done, and I wanted to do it well.

Initially I flipped into panic mode - questions , doubt and overwhelm filled my mind. It was hard for me to even think about starting. After a couple of restless nights I decided to 'JUST START', and threw myself at the project, without much thought about what the outcome would be.

I sat down with the information I needed, gathered the tools of my trade around me and brainstormed, scribbled, printed, and typed and cursed and typed some more. When I looked at the clock I realised a whole day had passed in a blur of concentration, helped by a big dose of creativity and lots of tea. When I reviewed my work I was amazed and pleased with what I had managed to achieve. Most striking was the ease with which it had all fallen into place.

I wondered what had happened? Why had this process been smooth , creative and without any apparent feeling of time pressure? Had I been time surfing? Had I experienced time in a more elastic way than usual?

Reviewing the day I see that I was determined in my concentration. The phone was off, I was not distracted by music or emails, the children were away. I didn't even eat! I think this single mindedness helped me gain the focus I needed.

I also think that I reached a state of full immersion into the project and the energy around it. When that happened I was timeless and literally surfing the waves of elastic time. Here time changed shape got bendy and curvy, and there was more of it than I could possibly imagine or ever need.

When I time surf I experience time differently. It's possible for me to reach further than when I stay in linear time. When I can let time-less-ness and the situation bring me to wherever it is going that's the joy of time surfing. I step onto the surfboard and say ' hey, let's go with the flow'. This lets me experience the unexpected, find joy everywhere and always challenge my fears and assumptions. And there's always enough time - that's the greatest cosmic laugh of all.

It's all there, at our finger tips, if only we can let go of control, let go of assuming we know how things should be, and let them unfold in front of us the way they should be.

As John Kabat Zinn, the great mindfulness coach says, "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf".

Who's joining the party today?


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