Time will say what children want to be

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it is said that because of the TV Master Chef Junior program, children want to be cooks instead of football players.

Time will say what they want to be

Will anyone believe that today's children want to be cooks rather than football stars? I doubt it.
If thousands of them take part in the castings that will choose sixteen children to become cooks for three or four weeks, it isn't because they already made up their mind on a chosen profession. They do it, because it's a TV program that it's shown nationwide and appearing in front of the cameras will make them popular among their peers and there's, of course, a good pinch of money to win, but I doubt that an eight year old child has already decided what he or she wants to be when he or she grows up.
Reading an interview to a well established cook, he said that this thing of the master chef TV programs have nothing to do with real cooking. There is no way to learn and to cook an excellent dish at such speed.
It is true that in a professional kitchen, one has to be speedy and be able to do several things at the same time without hurting itself, dropping things or spoiling food, but this has a lot to do with good learning, practice and technique.
In such programs, children go mad, filling their baskets, chopping, peeling or frying. They've no time to think of what they're going to cook and this is essential in a kitchen.
It is fine to teach children to make basic things in cookery and to help mum or dad in the kitchen, so, they will learn things that will be useful for them when they become adults, but this things have to be learned in the quiet of one's kitchen and with mum or dad as teachers.
These TV programs that are shown in all countries are just one more invention of commercialization of television to grab huge audiences at prime times. If not, why are they sponsored by big brands of kitchen ware and supermarkets as well as being judged by star chefs?
Don't these chefs have enough work and money with their established restaurants? It seems it isn't enough for them and they have to walk in TV studios, showing their faces on the screen.
Some people think that such programs are entertaining and that it's very funny seeing such young children acting out as if they were cooks or older people. But this is another way to do rubbish television.
Children of all times have always loved kicking to a ball in the open air or in a football pitch and time will say what they will be or what they want to be when they grow up.

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