Tips To Help You Stay Slim

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Here are some tips you can consider to help you maintain your figure...


Losing weight is much easier than staying slim. Old eating habits and old lifestyles can ricochet back and you noticed you are gaining weight once again. You may have tried every diet and every weight loss program in search for that perfect solution to lose those extra pounds. Naturally everybody wants to stay slim for different kinds of reason, so here are some tips to help you stay slim over the long term.

Try not to overeat

Try not to overeat. Chew your food slowly and take your time when eating. Sit down and give every bite your total attention, eating is not a race so do not rush. Remember that the stomach takes about twenty minutes before signaling the brain that it is full.

Eat in moderation

Eat in moderation, for example instead of eating the whole piece why not just take a bite just to satisfy your cravings.

Have a buddy support system

Have a buddy support system; following through your diet is easier if you have someone to do it with. You will be much motivated if you have a friend keeping you on track.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise is essential in burning calories and it can also help boost your metabolism. Try exercises you could enjoy with your friends or something you can do alone. For example jogging in the park or taking a dance class, exercising is not a task but an enjoyable way to move your body.

Add fruits and vegetables in your diet

Adding more vegetables and fruits in your diet is one way to reduce your chances on binging on food. Instead on snacking on that cake reach for an apple or an orange instead.

Set a realistic goal

Set a realistic goal, know the correct weight for your age, body shape and body size. Do not long for a body that is not appropriate for you. Do not assume that everybody should have the same body type, every body type is unique and you need to enhance the body type that you possess.

Avoid fried foods

Avoid eating too much fried foods. Try to cook your food in other ways such as boiling, poaching or steaming.

Acknowledge what you are feeling

Acknowledge what you are feeling, do not bury your emotions by eating. For instance you feel depress why not try to call a friend instead of eating that pint of ice cream in the refrigerator. The way you manage your emotions should not be related to food.

Do not deprive yourself of food

Do not deprive yourself of food because it can create overeating. Put into mind that when your body can not have something it only wants more. The minute you cannot have something that is all you can think about.

Eat breakfast

Eat a full breakfast. Eating breakfast is one way of lowering your chance of snacking out before lunch time.



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