Tips for Anxiety and Stress Sufferers

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For adults and children, I taught my daughter this method and its been helping her to cope better at school.

Tips for Anxiety and Stress Sufferers

Think of the brain as a library, when a baby is born its library only contains one small book, then when it goes through life they collect more and more books on its shelf.

If a person goes through too much stress or has anxiety and have lots of worries that they cant cope with it can get over whelming and the majority of people wil try to sort it all out in one go and get themselves in to a even bigger state.

But there are other ways that can help and this is the way that has helped me and my daughter.

As i said before think of your brain as a library.

This library contains books, these books contain your memories, your life experiences, your day to day worries and your anxiety worries.

Now in times of extreme worry or anxiety or when something is really bugging you and its making you depressed or stopping you from concentrating, just close your eyes and picture a book in your mind.

Visualise the problem and make that problem be the title of your book.

Open your book, think about the problem and see if you can find some answers for it

If you can find a answer then you can put your book in a box named resolved but if you cant find a answer you can think to yourself that you have thought it through and you cant resolve it and that you will come back to it at another time and then put it in a box named unresolved.

You can work through your problems one at a time like this, it works like a library, when you feel ready to try to sort something out you just go and take out the book and then put it back in the right place.


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