Tips for Dieting Over the Holidays

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A diet is difficult enough to stick to at the best of times, but the holidays can pose a whole new set of temptations. Here are a few tips on how to cope with your diet during the holidays.


It is a scenario that countless people have found themselves in; they embark on a diet, they lose weight consistently and then the holidays arrive. It is at this point that things can start to go downhill. People find that they are at risk from increased temptation, have more opportunities to stray off their dieting path and are not following their regular daily routine. Sound familiar? Here are some tips on how to maintain your weight loss goals over the holidays.

Set Realistic Goals

If your goals are not realistic then you are unlikely to meet them and this can lead to you losing motivation. This in turn can lead to disappointment. It is often better to reassess your goals for the holiday period, taking into account any event you have over the holidays, to make your goals more realistic and retaining your levels of motivation.

Occasional Treats

Give yourself a break it's the holidays! So what if you have the occasional treat? Tomorrow is another day. It can even be helpful to have the occasional treat in the long-term as it will prevent you from becoming tired of your attempts to lose weight.

Increase physical Activity

During the holiday period people often eat more than they do at the rest of the time. One way to counteract this is to increase levels of activity. If you are having time off work over the holiday period you will have more opportunities to go for a walk,a run or a swim.

Remove Temptation

What the eye can't see the heart cannot desire, or so the saying goes. Many people fill their homes with treats and goodies for the holidays. If you are striving to lose weight then this is not a good idea. Try to avoid buying calorie ridden and fat laden food at all. However, if you live with other people it may be unfair to deprive them of these treats. If this is the case, keep the treats in a cupboard out of sight so as to avoid the risk of temptation.

Get Some Support

Having support from people in a similar situation and from loved ones can go a long way in keeping up your motivation and helping to strengthen your resolve. If you are a member of a gym or a weight loss club then, if possible, continue to attend over the holiday period so that you have some peer support.


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