Tips for Swimming Pool Exercises

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Are you ready to have some fun in the pool. You can use a swimming pool for more than just swimming. Here's how to incorporate some other movement/exercise into your swimming pool experience. As always, have fun with it!!!

Swimming Is One Of The Best Exercises

Swimming and water exercises are known to help individuals reduce stress, enhance cardiovascular health and strengthen all of the muscle groups. In my studies, I read over and over again how swimming is one of the best exercises, especially for seniors.

If you know how to swim and have access to a pool here are some tips for becoming a lighter, better, fitter you. Since water accommodates its own resistance to movement and weightlessness you will burn calories as you maneuver around the pool. It doesn't matter if you are in shallow or deep water, it's all good. As with all physical activities, before starting on any exercise plan be sure to consult a physician.

Working out in a pool is a relief for individuals with arthritis, joint pain and injuries. The bonus is it also burns calories.

Warm-up and Stretch

With any exercise, you should warm up first; gentle, slow paced movement to warm your body up. I'd suggest just light movement of the upper and lower body for a few minutes. Next, stretch. You can start by holding onto the side of the pool or a ladder , facing toward what you are holding and raise your legs behind you slowly. Stretching in the water is ideal because you can do all of the same stretches you would normally do at home, outside or at the gym.

Start Off Slowly and If You Are A Beginner

For beginners a good starting point would be slowly walking back and forth in the swimming pool the same way a swimmer would do laps, back and forth. The deeper into the water your body is emerged, the better. Use arm movements so you are using many muscle groups at once.

Move! Move! Move!

After a couple of walk laps, step up the pace and use more pulling action with your arms. Keep in mind there is a natural resistance from the water itself so as you increase in speed your balance may be compromised. Keep moving until you can move at a fast pace. Do a couple of laps then switch to a new exercise.

Swimming - choose a stroke you love and do it. Do your best to complete the entire lap.

The Medicine Plus Website Sates:

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons offers these suggestions:

Before you hit the water, warm up with jumping jacks, walking, or stationary cycling.

After you're warmed up, stretch slowly and gently before you swim.

Perform regular exercises that help strengthen muscles in the upper back and shoulders.

Stick to light and easy swimming if you have an ear infection, respiratory infection or a fever.

Repeat both the walk and swim several times.

Cool-down and Stretch

Ready for a cool down? It will be the same as the warm up; gentle, slow paced movement to bring your body temperature down.

Back to stretching. Again, you can apply the same stretches as the beginning to the end. Among other wonderful benefits, stretching helps to keep you from feeling as sore.

When you decide to do it again, tomorrow or the next day just change some of the moves. Start with one lap of walking and one lap of swimming, vary your swim strokes in order to keep it fresh and so you stay excited and motivated.

Abdominal Exercises

There are many great pool exercises but one of my favorites is an ab exercise. By holding onto the side of the pool, raise your legs (knees bent) up towards your chest area while flexing your abdominal muscles. You can also work another area by bringing both legs (knees bent) from side to side, more up toward the right side then the left side.

Water Aerobics

One of my friends puts two days aside a week for pool aerobics with friends. She hires a personal trainer who specializes in water fitness and has a class that's about an hour long.

She collects $5.00 - $10.00 per person, (depending on how many people attend) just enough to pay the trainer. Everyone has fun while getting fit. I participated a couple of times and WOW, what a work-out. It was fun, easy and effective. As a personal trainer myself I can say, The next day it felt as if I'd worked out with weights. It's great! You can also do this with friends or on your own. Have fun with it!

Get The Entire Family Involved

The unique thing about exercising in the pool and swimming is the whole family can enjoy the benefits of it. You can start at any age. Most of all, while taking all safety precautions and not over doing it just have fun! It's always easier to exercise when we are enjoying ourselves. Isn't it?


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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
9th Aug 2011 (#)

The non-weight bearing exercise we get in the water is a lot safer for those of us with muscle and bone vulnerabilities - Nicely presented!

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author avatar Marion Licchiello
9th Aug 2011 (#)

Thank you very much for sharing!!!!!!

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author avatar Sheila Newton
9th Aug 2011 (#)

Yep - I go regularly to my local pool and do lots of exercises.
"What you doing?" said a young lad to me once.
"Same as you, only better!" I said back.
Great little article, Mar. Well done.

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author avatar Marion Licchiello
9th Aug 2011 (#)

Good for you!!!!!!! Very good answer to the young lad too!!! hee hee

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author avatar Retired
9th Aug 2011 (#)

Hi we are lucky enough to have a
pool. I have started to do a workout everyday, just swimming up and down tends to get quite boring. Thanks for the tips.

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author avatar Marion Licchiello
10th Aug 2011 (#)

That's fantastic.. Keep it up!!!!!!

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10th Aug 2011 (#)

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author avatar Carol Kinsman
12th Aug 2011 (#)

Wonderful suggestions....I don't have access to a pool, but we do have an awesome river nearby with beautiful swimming holes. Hmmm....maybe this would be a good river day! :-) Thanks, Mar.

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author avatar Marion Licchiello
13th Aug 2011 (#)

Great... take advantage of that river!!!!!!!!

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