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If you are a person who is trying to recover from depression, you know all too well how hard it can be. Depression is not something that can just be willed away. Staying alone and isolating yourself only makes the depression worse. Reaching out for support is important, whether it be to family or friends; or if you have severe depression, you must seek therapy to help you through these trying times.

Tips to help you through your depression and onto a better life.

Tips to help you through your depression and onto a better life.

Get involved

Everyone one needs a goal or purpose in life. The psychologist Victor Frankl, lived through the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. He saw more slaughter and human suffering than most people will ever see. Through it all he noticed that his people clung to life and keep their spirits up rather than die in defeat. He rationalized that the reason for that was that they had a meaning in life, and a purpose for living which was the survival of the Jewish race. They refused to think about genocide. Their people would survive.

You don’t have to be a Victor Frankl, survive the holocaust, and go on to be a famous psychiatrist. However, you can get involved with your community.

Another famous psychiatrist, Milton Erickson had a severely depressed client who lost touch with the world around her. She isolated herself and brooded in her home alone. He got her involved by growing African violets and offering them to community for their weddings, birthdays, graduations and other special occasions. This gave the African Violet lady a purpose in life.

You can do something too that would give you purpose and meaning in your life again. Find something that really appeals to you, care for the sick and elderly, read to children in your local library, teach a young people at the local community center a skill that you have such as playing the piano and so on. You too can find joy, purpose and meaning in your life once again.

Ward of depression by relaxing your body and mind

A better life

We live in a world full of stress and anxiety. People are having trouble finding jobs, keeping jobs, living from day to day. Some people have relationship problems with their co-workers and some are having trouble with family members and friendships.

Many people are lonely and seeking for companionship and marriage without having any luck. Others are mourning after a loved one or trying to find a new place to live and meet their living expenses. There are so many different issues that we face everyday.

All these issues can keep us in a high state of anxiety and keep us from feeling good about ourselves.

Understand that your body must relax and feel calm for good mental health. There are ways to achieve a calming mood that you might want to try.

You can take a yoga class or meditation class, think pleasant thoughts through visual imagery. Take a relaxing bath and listen to calming music. You can even have your therapist make a relaxation tape for you to listen to.

Keep family and friends close to you

Keep family and friends close to you

One thing depressed individuals do is to shut themselves off from their family and friends and keep everything all bottled up inside. Imagine not going to a medical doctor because you have a wound. That wound would become infected and injure your body. The same can be said for depression. You need to talk and get things out in the open. Many people find just talking about their depression helps make them feel better. Dr. Freud first called this process catharsis and it is has been used by many psychologists and counselors since his time.

Your family and friends can be very supportive
. If they are not and they are making you feel worse don’t give up, Look for other friends, friends mean well but not all friends have the understanding to deal with someone going through a depression.

If you cannot find friends that understand, talk to a professional; the key point here is to talk and get it out.

Get a Good Night Sleep

People with depression can either sleep too much or sleep too little. The key is maintaining a good night’s sleep and that starts with trying to get yourself back onto a normal sleeping schedule.

If you are having trouble getting to sleep on time try some relaxation techniques before you go to bed. If that does not work, then go to your doctor who may find you have another underlying condition that is preventing you from sleeping properly.

Getting the right amount of sleep will help you feel better both mentally and physically.

Never give up

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

It has long been known that certain people drown their sorrows in alcohol and people look for that high they achieve when taking certain drugs. The short-term gains are not worth the long-term issues.

Some people say they self medicate with certain drugs that helps them to feel more energetic and calmer. Some people feel they cannot get through the day without drugs or alcohol.

Drugs and alcohol might seem like a quite fix, but the do not help your depression. In fact they may even make it worse.

Furthermore, drugs and alcohol may interfere with the medications you are taking to control your depression and/or any other medication for medical conditions that you have.

If you have a drug or alcohol problem please talk to your doctor to get the help you need.

Depression requires careful monitoring

Depression is a serious mental disorder, it should never be taken for granted; worst case scenario, depression can lead to suicide. Therefore, is important not to lose touch with family and friends.

Sometimes taking care of yourself and trying to do the right things don't always work out for you and you find must seek a qualified professional.

You might think you are totally cured but suffer a relapse. The professionals are there to see you through each stage of your illness.

Often people feel worse and think there is no hope; this is the time you need help the most. You are a human being and you have the right to happiness just like everyone else. You are not inferior to anyone else and getting to a better place in your life is not hopeless or useless. You can do it. However, you just may need some medication or just talk therapy to help you through it.

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author avatar Retired
17th Sep 2015 (#)

Good tips Carol!

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author avatar brendamarie
17th Sep 2015 (#)

Carol great tips, thanks for sharing!!!

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author avatar peachpurple
17th Sep 2015 (#)

Great tips for my bro,he had depression for two years

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author avatar Kingwell
17th Sep 2015 (#)

These are great tips Carol. Blessings.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
18th Sep 2015 (#)

Great tips and awesome post!

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author avatar spirited
18th Sep 2015 (#)

I can be depressed without being depressed. LOL.

My underlying purpose always sits under any blanket of outer depression, still shining through for me.

When I don't see a solution, I am depressed initially outwardly, but the search keeps me going as I am always inwardly enthused to find the real truth of any situation.

I like the factual research you put into your articles Carol.

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author avatar Carol Roach
18th Sep 2015 (#)

thanks hon, I am up and down with depression, relationship problems, now it is going good but it can go down again. It has been that way since March

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