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Skin is a very essential part of our body. We can call it, " index of our personality".
Here are some general tips which can make our skin healthy and glowing.


Healthy skin is the basic of natural beauty. When your skin is healthy, you feel stronger and more confident. But sometimes it becomes impossible to deal with your skin especially when you are working and have no time to pamper yourself. The tips below will help you to improve your skin.

1. Protection from the sun :-
Sun has lots of damaging effects on our skin. Tanning is one of them. It is very harmful and further leads to wrinkles. It also increases the risk of skin cancer. To avoid the harmful effects of sun, following steps should be taken-

Sunscreen:- A broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 should be used.

Avoid sun:- Direct sun rays should be avoided between 11:00 am to 04:00 pm because at this time sun rays are strongest.

2. Healthy Food:-
Healthy food is another important step towards healthy and glowing skin.
. Drink plenty of water.

. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

. Fried food must be avoided as it is the biggest enemy of healthy skin.

3. Hydration:- Proper hydration is very important for your skin.
. A moisturizer should be used according to skin type.

. Strong soaps should be avoided because they can strip oils from your skin.

. Bath time should be limited and hot water should not be used. Lukewarm water can be
used instead.

. Smoking and drinking habits should be immediately shut because they cause dehydration to skin. Smoking causes premature aging.

4. Stress management and Exercise:-
. Regular exercises enhance elasticity of skin and thus prevent wrinkles.

. Stress should be managed through meditation as it has a very adverse effect on skin.

. Try to maintain a constant sleep pattern. By maintaining a regular sleep pattern, you will feel more energized and you skin will look healthier and fresher.


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author avatar Neha bhutani
28th Jun 2012 (#)

Important tips for everyone thanks for sharing

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author avatar sakshi narang
28th Jun 2012 (#)

you are most welcome...
I hope these will work for you

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author avatar Neha bhutani
28th Jun 2012 (#)

Yes u r rite

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