Tips to Avoid Catching the Common Cold

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3 quick suggestion on how to avoid the common cold.

3 Tips to Avoid Catching the Common Cold

It seems everyone, from the Mayo Clinic to your local health "nut", has a suggestion on how to avoid the common cold. Sifting through these suggestions to find one that may actually help can be tough. In many cases you need only consult common sense and consider the source to decide what advice to follow.

Stay warm
Everyone who lives in a cold climate has been told by their mom, or some other motherly figure, that they will "catch their death", if they go out "dressed like that". This of course implies that you can catch a cold by not being warm enough. Many think this is foolish since colds are caused by a virus, not body temperature. In fact there is some basis for preventing a cold by staying warm. When your body is cold it can cause your immune system to be compromised and therefore less able to fight off the virus that can cause a cold.

Wash your hands

Cleanliness can greatly reduce your risk of catching a cold. Many times a cold is caught by touching surfaces "infected" by a person with a cold, then bringing your hand near your eyes, nose or mouth you deliver the virus into your system. Clean your hands often, it actually helps. There are handy antibacterial gels that you can use out and about which kill bacteria and fit in the pocket.

A simple method of boosting your chances of avoiding the common cold is boosting your immune system. Aerobic exercise can boost your bodies natural viral defences by increasing blood oxygenation and flow. Phytochemicals, the name for the chemicals found in plants, can give your immune system a boost. Eat plenty of red, yellow and dark green fruits and vegetables for a boost.

Two other, easy and simple, techniques to cut your chances of catching the common cold are relaxation and do not share. Studies show that a person who can spend 30 minutes a day using a relaxation technique, as simple as picturing something you find calming and pleasant, can actually trigger certain blood chemicals that boost immunity. While common sense says not to share eating utensils or drinking glasses, many people do. Needless to say you cannot always tell if someone has a cold right away, so sharing with anyone is a bad idea if you want to avoid catching a cold.

So, stay warm, stay clean, exercise, eat your veggies, relax and do not share with anyone and your odds of avoiding the common cold are greatly increased.


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