Tips to Get Full On Less Food

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Controlling weight is hard. Well, it takes some effort, anyway. The worst part about losing weight is how to eat less without starving. The world needs a way to take less food in, feel full and not have to buy the latest lotions, potions, powders and pills.

Well, good news. Such a thing exists. You're about to learn it right now too, if you but read on.

Why eat less?

Some folks might simply be looking to control their own weight. Others might be managing a case of bedtime indigestion. Still others might be needing to just spend less on food – for whatever reasons. Eating less (especially for Supper) is always a good idea – especially here in America where we waste a mind-boggling volume of food.

It might be counterintuitive but...

One of the first keys to getting full on less food might surprise readers: don't drink a cold beverage with your meal. Besides – especially in the case of fast food – most people are drinking their beverages for the sugar, as much as to quench the thirst.

It might seem like a cold beverage would contribute to a gratifying, full feeling but you don't need it. Even for “wetting the whistle,” it's not needed. Bear with this post and it'll make sense.

The real trick behind getting full on less food.

Chew more and slowly, at that. There course over. Everyone go home.

Okay. Almost, anyway. There's a little more detail. Chewing slowly and more thoroughly mixes more saliva in with your food -tying in to the “need” to “wash it all down, ergo the banning of a cold beverage - masticates the meal for easier digestion and – perhaps best of all – takes up time. Ever notice how people who seem to need the most food, tend to be those who leave us wondering if they even tasted those last three bacon double cheeseburgers?

It's an illusion, how quantity of food is what determines “full.” It's the amount of time between the first taste and when food first begins hitting the intestine. The time-frame is approximately 20 minutes – give or take five minutes.

Just slow down. Take more time with the meal. Here's how.

The two simple and easy steps:

You're so going to love me for this. A nurse taught me this years ago, during a past life (my teen years) and this procedure has served me well, numerous times in life, such as when food was harder to come by.

1. Remember to set the fork down between bites. Put it down on the table or plate and remove your hand, entirely. Focus on one bite at-a-time, here. This takes more effort than it seems it would.

2. Chew each bite, slower-than-usual, at least 50 times before swallowing. By this point, you'll actually feel the yearn-to-swallow. Ignore it and stick with the plan to chew at least 50 times, or as close as possible. If you lose count and/or go over, no biggie.

Yes. It really is this simple. The best ideas usually are.

I was also taught, eating up until the moment of feeling full is actually stressful on the stomach. So, slowing down is a beneficial habit to develop, according to all metrics.


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