Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

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Everyone loses some hair every day and it is quite normal but excess of hair loss is a sign of some serious medical condition that needs to be addressed. Hair loss is a very common issue but you should go for every possible treatment.

Causes and Prevention of hair fall

The only possible way to strengthen your weak hair is by dealing with the root of the problem. Hair loss seems like a major issue especially when it changes how you look. Loss of confidence is also very often the result of suffering hair fall.

Causes of hair fall:

• Family history plays a very significant role in hair fall. Let’s suppose, if it is inherited from your parents and runs in your family genes.
• Excess of physical and mental stress is also very common reason.
• Age is also a very important factor because you grow less hair as you get older. Hair tends to break more easily as you age and also gets thinner.
• Lack of vitamins in your body is also a reason.
• If you are not getting enough iron or protein and mainly because of poor diet.
• Dandruff is a form of skin inflammation and it is also a well-known cause.
• Dry scalp is also considered as the main cause of weak and damaged hair, Itchy and flaky scalp is a common sign of dry scalp.
• There are several other common medical conditions that can cause thinning, breakage and hair fall.

Prevention of hair fall:

• Choose a recommended shampoo according to your hair type and wash your hair properly.
• Try to use the regular intake of foods that prevent hair fall.
• Try to keep your hair and scalp clean as maintaining a clean and healthy scalp is very necessary for hair growth and reducing hair loss.
• Ingredients are supposed to counter the imperfections, so try to look at the ingredients when it comes to choosing a shampoo.
• A good massage right from the roots to the tip will help in strengthening hair growth.
• Eggs are very useful for the treatment of damaged and weak hair as they contain minerals and proteins.
• Eat right if you want to prevent your hair.
• For iron intake try to eat chicken, fish, spinach, eggs and meat.
• Try to protect you hair from pollution, dust, humidity and heat.
• Try to avoid the regular use of blow drying, straightening and colouring.
• Try to comb your hair in a very gentle way.

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