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It all starts with genuinely looking up and never ends. No, the actions that need to be taken never end.

Amazing grace

I named this section after the song for a reason. Until we go through any given situation, we will not understand it fully. What do you really think the lyrics "Amazing grace/How sweet the sound/That saves a wretch like me/I was blind/But now/I see" comes down to. When you or I do not understand, we are blind and when we go through whatever we go through we genuinely see what the import is of what we went through.

Sure, when my Dad and sister physically died, although they were years apart in doing so, I felt both deaths very deeply and sadly. Although it took some doing, I faced them and looked up, understanding what they genuinely wanted me to do: They wanted me to live better, not get worse and join them too quick. In that pessimistic call and pessimistic soil, a rosy flower of optimism grew within me knowing that I could do better and ultimately would do better through genuine efforts as a whole. Sure, I knew it was hard, and what world leaders do is easy compared to that. No one is watching me do it except myself. Everybody is watching world leaders' have character or lack of character. When you watch yourself genuinely and do right genuinely, it is then that you or anyone, including myself, genuinely sees and sees reality.

Anyone can be a "hero" for others, but when no one is watching it is so seemingly easy to be a selfish, "self-benefitting" villain for yourself instead of a genuine hero for all including yourself. That is amazing grace, when genuine character instead of selfish game playing for larceny comes into play. The only loss there is really is integrity then, all else is window dressing and fake, phony, and even silly.

Before I wrote this section (Chooglin' on!!!)

Before I wrote this section, I was listening to the Creedence Clearwater Revival song "Born on the Bayou", a line caught my attention: "Chooglin' on!" In the context of reality, bad or good, it does not matter. As long as I have a chance, I am eternally optimistic and "chooglin' on" like the engine that can. In short, there is never any excuse for me to do my worst, even when the temptation is there to give up. My definition of "chooglin'" is ultimately "success in the work clothes of seeming failure until I make it genuinely on all levels." Anyone who has read my previous motivational articles will know exactly what I mean, but I will still explain:

When I was a very small boy, about four or five years old, and my Dad had first lost his foot to diabetes, we took a one and only trip to Louisiana as a family. This was around Christmas,1979, and New Years, 1980. My Dad was born in Louisiana, and we visited my Grandmother, Florence "Mama" Clayton. My Grandfather who I never really met died a few years before in 1976. As my Grandmother was talking about him to my Dad, something really affected me. Until the age of three I recoiled at the tragedy of death, ever since I have been an eternal optimist and the fear of death and life is gone is all that I can say. Strangely, the Creedence Clearwater Revival song "Born On the Bayou" had played both ways in our 1971 white Chevy Econoline van and the line "you just gotta keep Chooglin' on!!!" stuck in my head especially when we left for home from that family trip. It comes down to optimism and doing it until you reach your genuine definition of successful living I realized. I was four years old when I became a total optimistic nonconformist "Chooglin' on" through life and existence. That is it. There will be sections added, thank you for reading this Message from Clayton though to lift an expression from the title of Elbert Hubbard's masterwork, "A Message To Garcia".

The Hard Way or From The Ground Up

There is no other genuine way to live than by your own boot straps. With that said, I begin this heart and soul rending section. Everybody, including myself, has a choice. We all have a choice to be a victor or a victim, the choice is clear cut. Although the choice does not seem to be clear when we are in the middle of doing what we are doing.

Needless to say, to genuinely quit is the most foolish thing in the universe. To change approaches when seemingly quitting is the smartest thing in existence. Indeed, life is the hard way when it is from the ground up and the easy way when it is given to us, but, the hard way has an advantage: When it is given to you, you do not know what you are doing all the way through like when you build your success from the ground up. This is what the word "spoiled" really means in its most genuine essence. I quote U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on this one: "If it is easy, it is not worth it." Although it is a politician's quote, I know the essence of what he really means by that.

"Smooth and easy" does not always generate the best results then. But hard genuine essence work with love, understanding and care is the best way to do it and mostly the most worth it, unless it is work for the sake of work. Come on, by this point in the article, you get the idea of where I am going with this "Shape up or ship out" type of message.

To be the genuine best means to be a master: Failures, successes and all. Stepping up to the plate for temporary failures, permanent successes and everything in between for the full understanding of what you are doing and why you are doing it, also and especially why you want to succeed at something. I thank you for reading, as I said last section, more will be added.

Everybody conscious has a choice (Men, Women, Whatever is conscious, it does not matter, the choice is there)

We all have a choice. If we did not, then consciousness would have no purpose except to be the biggest irritant there ever was, not a choice maker or breaker for us all.

Cause and effect are the most powerful creations and choices there are in existence. Without them, we would just be automatic like the animals or computers, no choice except the most instinctive (animal) or the most logical (computer). There would be no good or bad, just innocent even with mistakes made if you understand what I mean here.

The most intensive power then is the most independent choice there is for us, then.

It is said that the highest function of consciousness is genuine self-benefit and rational self-preservation (I got that one from Nathaniel Branden, Leonard Peikoff and Ayn Rand). Well, I totally agree, but here is where I dove-tail a little bit: I believe in the Double Win concept as advocated by Denis Waitley to an extent. Climbing over dead bodies including your own ultimately to the top of the hill is not winning, thus, I quote Samuel "Golden Rule" Jones on this one: "What I want for myself, I want for everyone!" That quote means, if I can benefit myself, I want others to have the equal and honest opportunity to do the same for themselves also as I do. If they are conscious and well intentioned beings, they genuinely should at any level.

Indeed, I equate malevolance at any level to unconsciousness and that "climbing over dead bodies for success" type thing. Winning does not have to produce other losers at the highest level. Everybody is a winner at the highest level when it is looked at rationally and realistically. The only loss is not to choose to genuinely grow to the best and highest potential as a genuine conscious choice. It is either genuinely grow up or slowly or quickly die. We all have a choice.


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