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If you are looking for a simple way to gain that perfect flat stomach then the plank is the exercise for you. No need for expensive equipment or hours of training just a little time and of course some effort and that toned tummy could be yours.

Toned Tummy: The Plank

The beauty of this exercise apart from the results is that you can do it almost anywhere, you don’t need any equipment and it only takes up a few minutes of your time, meaning you are more likely to keep it up long term. So why the Plank? The plank works the core muscles, theses are the group of muscle that support the spine and abdominal region, that is what makes it more effective than other tummy toning exercises such as sit-ups and crunches because they only work the superficial abdominal muscles.

How to Plank:
1. Clear some space on the floor, enough for you to be able to lay flat.
2. Begin by Laying face down, you may like to use a mat, rest on your forearms with palms flat on the floor.
3. Slowly start to push yourself up off the floor and gently up onto your toes and resting on your elbows.
4. Make sure to Keep your back as flat as possible and in a straight line from your head to your heels.
5. If you feel your back dipping or your bottom sticking up or sagging in the middle then tilt your pelvis and contract your abdominals to correct.
6. Try to hold this pose for 20 to 60 seconds then lower and repeat for 3-5 times.

This pose may take some time to prefect so start off slow and build up your stamina. Over time you will see improvement in your core strength and tummy tone.


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