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Life isn't easy, and it is even harder when one allows toxic people to ruin ones day. Hopefully people will relate to this post and find it helpful, in the teachings about keeping these said toxic people out of their lives.

Stay Away From Toxic People

I have to constantly remind myself that some people aren't worth the time and effort it takes to generate a reactionary response: If someone is generally toxic, even when he/she puts up a facade of good humored, natured, and level headed, then that person needs to be on the snub list...

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A List

Here's a short list of how a toxic person acts when putting up a facade of being kind:

1. He or she pretends to be a sound board to whoever is having a hard time; then that person will share what was talked about with other people.

2. When at work, bating others into an argument, by, "Forgetting" that something you confided in him/her (advice in handling a person you're indifferent with, and that person you're indifferent with is in the same room) and disclosing what was said, again, "Forgetting" that that was the person you were talking about.

3. Back stabbing, but, smiling in the victims face--being nice/cordial.

4. Discouraging you from the visions you have for the future, but, acting as if he/she is expressing concern (some people rather see you fail).

5. Always criticizing you about everything, while claiming that he/she is doing it for your benefit.

(the people that practice these five toxic tactics are phony and need to be on your snub list--or a list of people that need to be ignored)...

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Life is too difficult to get caught up in toxic people's web of negativity... Avoiding these people isn't always that simple, because many toxic people are so subtle about it, making it hard for the recipient of their toxicity to pick it up. When this dark cloud this anti-friend has been shadowing the recipient with has finally been discovered, it was picked up one day when that person finds he/she feels like crap everytime he /she leaves this toxic persons presence.

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So be aware of the signs, pay attention to how you're feeling when you have just left this person, to continue on to the next responsibility, you have to meet in your busy day. And don't give these leeches the opportunity to get into your head.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th Feb 2013 (#)

They are everywhere; thankfully, the majority are good people and should be on guard not to let a minority carry the day - siva

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author avatar C.T. Aretz
18th Feb 2013 (#)

I agree with you, 100%.

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