Treat Common Cold with Yoga

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Seasonal changes reduce your immunization power and cause you diseases. Autumn and spring make you victims of cold and flu. You can incorporate some yoga exercises that can treat and beat your bad cold.

Yoga to treat common cold

Autumn has come with its changes in climatic conditions. The temperature is changing suddenly. The wind blows in all chillness brushing the leaves of trees telling them to change their color and fall. Trees drop their withered leaves and the climate mourns to face the forthcoming widowhood of wearing white dress like an Indian widow. Nature changes her dress and so also people wear warmer clothes. Even then people are often attacked by cold and flu. Yoga exercises can build up your immunity and shield you from infections.

Yoga exercises that can treat your cold during change of climate

1) Jala neti or nasal irrigation

Jala Neti or nasal irrigation is a part of yoga that clears the stuffy nose. It suggests doing a lot of Ujjayi Pranayama exercises of deep breathing. A special pot called jala neti pot is available today. A pinch of non-iodized salt added in the lukewarm water used for nasal irrigation can do ideal. This can be repeated on both nostrils.

Chanting yoga mantras

2) Chanting yoga mantras to beat cold

Scientific studies have shown that vibrations from humming sounds can open the sinuses and let phlegm drain out. This can also relieve nasal pressure and can even help stave off a bacterial infection of the sinuses. You can try with any mantras that can be sounded like “Om”. The purpose of this mantra is to let vibrating sound and air through respiratory path and nostrils. Inhale deeply; at the same time pressing your lips together make the sound of a buzzing bee.

3) Deep breathing to fill you with immunity

Breathing is the main part of yoga. Deep breathing fills you with oxygen or prana energy which blood circulation and purifies blood. Just sit calmly in a comfortable place and count numbers up to 10 while you inhale and exhale deeply through the nose, 10 to12 times. See if your stomach expands and bulges while you inhale and becomes flat while you exhale. This can release the blockage in nostrils and fill you with energy.

4) A simple breathing yoga exercise

Sit in a comfortable place. Close your right nostril with right thumb and inhale through the left nostril counting 1-8. Then retain the air in lungs for some time (as long as you count up to and then close the left nostril by the little and ring fingers opening the right nostril, releasing the thumb. Exhale and force out air counting another 8. Repeat this for 10-15 times. This will release the nasal blocks.

Yoga exercises to clear nose

5) Yoga exercises to open nasal blocks

Yoga exercises such as Savasana or Samadhi can give you peaceful rest. Postures or asanas such as Supta Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose) can also be done with back support to get relief from cold. It is dangerous to practice Sarvangasana (supported head stand) or Shrasasana (headstand) when you have stuffy nose and running.

Certain poses like Bow, Cat Pose, Corpse Pose, lotus pose or other relaxation poses are good for common cold. They help to fill your body with fresh energy, improve blood circulation and increase your immunization power. They also help to remove toxins through sweat.


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