Treat Gout Successfully with a Healthy Diet

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Generally the middle aged men or women mostly suffer from gout. One of the most important aspects of treating gout naturally is following a strict diet.

Gout Treatment

Gout is a condition that causes immense pain in the joints. It results because of accumulation of excess uric acid in the body. It is generally the middle aged men who mostly suffer from gout. However, women can also suffer from gout. It is actually a form of arthritis. Generally, the part of body that gets affected first is the big toe. Then the pain spreads to the other joints of the body. Along with excruciating pain, the other symptoms are redness, warmth and inflammation. If immediate treatment is not started, then the problems can get severe.

The elbow, the fingers, the ankles, the knee, the wrists, the ankles are the other joints that get majorly affected by gout. All gout sufferers will agree that the pain caused by gout is the most excruciating pain that they have felt in their lives. When gout pain occurs, it becomes very difficult to move the affected joints. There are two ways of treating gout. One is natural way, and the other is by medication. Treatment of gout by medication is indeed very effective. However, there are certain side effects of these medications. Therefore, the natural ways of treating gout are preferred more by the sufferers. When you opt for the natural treatment of gout, it is your responsibility to follow the treatment in a disciplined manner. Otherwise getting your desired result will not be possible. One of the most important aspects of treating gout naturally is following a strict diet. There are certain food items that should definitely be avoided in order to treat gout successfully.

Foods to be Avoided

1. Seafood - A diet for treating gout should have no place for seafood. Seafood is rich in omega 3 fish oil. That can be good for the heart, but as far as treating gout is concerned, it is best to avoid seafood.

2. Red Meat - This one should definitely be avoided. There is high amount of purine present in red meat. Purine results into the building up of uric acid and that leads to the occurrence of gout. Therefore, red meat and all other animal protein foods should be avoided.

3.Yeast - You may be surprised to know that yeast too should be strictly avoided during treatment of gout. Yeast is present in many of the foods that we consume almost daily. Therefore, start avoiding foods like bread.

4. Alcohol - It is time to totally give up this addiction. If you really want to get rid of your gout pain, then you have to stop consuming alcohol.

Foods to be Consumed

1. Cherries - Cherries can do wonders for your treatment of gout. There is a certain ingredient in cherries that helps in reducing the formation of uric acid. If you do not like having cherries, you can have cherry juice.

2. Fruits and Vegetables having Vitamin C - Fruits land leafy greens that have a lot of vitamin C in them should be eaten for treating gout effectively.

3. Baking Soda - Studies have shown that having baking soda can produce effective results as far as reducing the gout symptoms are concerned. Therefore, it can certainly be included in the diet.

Along with these, you should increase the daily consumption of water. Having more and more water will allow the excess uric acid to get flushed out from your body through urine.


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Thanks for sharing your article. I know a few people that suffer from this.

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