Treat acne with food

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Acne is one of the skin's problems that affect the face, the neck , shoulders and back too and shows as an inflammation with redness.

Some food that help to treat acne

Women are the most affected by acne because of their pms , as a result of physiological disorder and changes which occurs in the secretion of the androgene's hormone which increases the secretion of sebum.
There are some kind of food that helps to fight and cure acne and those kinds food are :
1. Green tea:
Green tea plays an important role in reducing scars left by acne, where urinaryy phenol compounds works as an antibiotics,which reduces swelling, as well it works as an antioxidants toos which protects the skin from damage, green ea alo helps to balance hormones to prevent the appearance of acne.
2.Aloe vera gel:
The exported gel from the aloe vera helps to treat acne,and this gel contains a lot of elements and one of them is salycic acid , which has antibiotic proprities against bacteria and virus, and help to clean pores from dead cells and inflammations, it also works as a pain reelief, aloe vera gel contains vitamins such as vitamin A , and C more than this it contains minerals such as zinc and selnium, which works as an antioxidants elements, which protect the skin from damage.
3. Radish juice :
the juice of radish is used to treat different skin problems and acne is one of them, because it contains nutrients that helps to nourish and protect the skin cells such as vitamin B6,B2,B1 and vitamin C too, it also contains zinc,Phosphorus,sulfer and chlorine which have an important role in balancing hormones and disincentive for the activity of viruses and fungi.
Cabbage is considered as an important source of vitamin C which work as a compound antioxidants, to treat free radicals and protect the skin from damage, It also contains a lot of amino acids such as tryptophan and cysteine and other sulfur amino acids, which acts as an anti-inflammatory, as well as cabbage is rich in sulfer,which helps to fight infections.


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Over the years, I have learned about different foods that help fight different things. It is interesting how food can affect our health.

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