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Start your day with a whole grain meal to cut heart attack risks, especially if you suffer from metabolic syndrome

Try some Healthy Living

Exercise helps prevent cancer, but insufficient sleep can cancel out this protective benefit. Recent research has shown that women who exercise but do not get at least seven hours of sleep a night have a 50 per cent greater chance of developing cancer than exercises who get enough sleep, reason being that insufficient sleep can cause hormonal and metabolic disturbances linked to cancer.

If you are prone to seasonal allergies like hay fever, relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation can help ward off or alleviate your allergy symptoms. Stress aggravates allergy symptoms and people who have a tendency to get anxious easily are prone to harsher and longer allergic reactions than those who remain calm and composed. Stress hormones that remain elevated can weaken the immune system and prolong allergic responses.

Having a hot dog may seem like a quick and easy lunch-on-the-run option, but if you love to wolf these down regularly you need to know what you are ingesting. Whether they are made from pork or beef, frankfurters are high in unsaturated fat. Preservatives like sodium nitrite help to preserve the red tint f cured meat but are notorious for increasing the risk of cancer and triggering migraines. Corn syrup, which is used as I thickener has no nutrients but has plenty of calories.

Start your day with a whole grain meal to cut heart attack risks, especially if you suffer from metabolic syndrome (a combination of obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and unstable blood sugar levels). Eating whole grain fibers helps widen your arteries by 40 percent. Swap white bread for whole grain and enjoy your cereals. Adding cooked cracked wheat to salads is also a tasty and filling way of enjoying complex carbohydrates.


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