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Sometimes when were always we can tend to get in a rut just like anything we do over and over again. When that happens it's time to look around for new ideas and ways of doing something.

A new twist on some old favorites

As much as we may love doing something sometimes we can tend to find ourselves in a rut. As much as I love cooking sometimes I get tired of fixing the same meals. I always look for ways to be creative even in my cooking, I sometimes I will try putting a new twist on something we have all the time and other times I will try and find new dishes and new recipes and making those different as well.

Some of my favorite places to go to for inspiration is the food network the website is when you go to this website you can find your favorite cooking show and host like paula dean or Rachel Ray. I like going to the website because if you missed something on the show you can still get recipes and the videos. Also there's a place where you can store and even add your favorite recipe it's under the my lunch box button you have to sign up to be able to use this. Another one is use quite often is

Here are a few that I've recently came up with:

Hawaiin casserrole

2cups cooked ham
2 TBS butter
1 can pineaapple chunks (drained)
3 TBS brown sugar
1 can onion soup
2 sweet potatoes
1/2 cup of walnuts (optional)

Preheat over to 350 peel and slice sweet potatoes, in a buttered casserole pan add one layer of sweet potatoes, then some of the ham, repeat this step until all the of the potato and ham are used. Then add the soup and pineapple and sprinkle the brown sugar over and walnuts. Then place in oven and let bake for about 30 to 40 minutes.

Beef Dumplings
1/2 lb beef
1 packet of dried onion soup mix
2 TBS of garlic
1/2 cup of flour
1 beef stock
In a large quart sauce pan heat your oil next add your garlic and sautee for about 2 or 3 minutes then add your beef. Cook your beef until it's brown with a set of tongs take out your beef and let it rest. Now if there is not enough fat from your meat add a little more oil if you do this wait for a couple of minutes before proceeding to the next step you want to make sure everything is hot enough or else your gravy wont turn out right. Now you want to add the onion mix and flour stiring this around until the flour is brown then add your beef stock stir everything together and add in your meat cover with a lid on very low heat. Now the next step is make your dumplings.

For your dumplings
1 cup of baking mix
1 tsp of poultry season
1/3 cup milk

In a bowl combine these ingredients together, Then drop mixture into saucepan by spoonful.

Now I have to give this dumpling recipe credit to sandra lee a cook on the food network. but the rest of recipe is my own invention. You can adjust this recipe if you want or need more dumplings.

Strawberry Splash

2 cups of sliced strawberries
1 cup of raisins
1 cup of chopped brocoli
1/2 cup of red chopped onion
1/2 cup of walnuts (optional)
1/2 cup of raspberry vingearette

Simply slice the fruit and chop the vegetables and combine in a serving bowl pour in the vingarette. This is a dish that is easy to do the day before and let marinate in the fridge. I like serving this dish with like a tuna or chicken salad wrap. very light and refreshing.


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22nd Mar 2012 (#)

Delicious. Thank you Christy. Request your friendship.

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23rd Mar 2012 (#)

These are yummy looking,Christy. We will try them out. Thank you for sharing.

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