Twelve Types of Acne or Pimples Cited in Medical Literature

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Pimples or acne is a very uncomfortable skin condition and it has several causes. In medical literature, there are several types of acne or pimples broadly classified into twelve categories. For anyone trying to cure acne should be aware of these causes so that the treatment may be effective and provide relief to the patient.

12 Acne Types and Their Symptoms

A brief outline of all these 12 types are presented below.
1. Acne Vulgaris: Alternatively known as "cystic acne" primarily seen on faces, chest and back is manifested through redness and pain on facial skin, formation of cysts, nodules, black heads, white heads and pinheads.

2. Adult Acne: This type of pimple are seen on the chin and around the mouth area of almost half of the women and some men even after they cross their teenage. Possibly caused by hormonal imbalances at post adolescence age.
3. Acne Medicamentosa: It is a type of hormonal imbalance induced by medicines and drugs. Many people associated with glamor world or body building activities do take several types of steroids and other medication that may cause hormonal imbalance in the body and give rise to acne or pimples. Women who do go for hormonal contraception also face this type of pimples and acne.
4. Acne Mechanica: This is a form of pimple eruption resulting from persistent and repetitive exposure as well as physical trauma such as rubbing. Helmets are believed to be the main cause for such type of acne among bikers
5. Acne Conglobata: This type of problem largely found in men especially at places that already have pimple problems. At times, this type of acne continue as problems for a very long period of time.
6. Acne Fulminans: At times, some people initially feel pain and irritation in the joints that develops into swelling of some nodes on the neck and often the patient's neck becomes very tight and inflexible. Although the treatments for this form of acne is difficult and it usually takes time to subside with moderation of the testosterone level, the condition is extremely painful and why physicians usually do is to provide relief from pain.
7. Acne Detergens: Many people who use a lot of soaps and frequently wash their faces, do face such type of acne.
8. Acne Cosmetic: This is a type of chemically induced pimple formation caused from application of cosmetics that does react to one's skin.
9. Acne Mallorca: During summer or after being exposed to sun light, many people suffer from irritation and pimple like round and red multiple eruptions on their body.
10. Acne Exoriee: This is a very common form of acne usually starting with ordinary pimples like other types of acne. But when the person suffering from this, pokes or squeezes it, it may become very dangerous with open infections, bigger and multiple pimples around the spot.
11. Acne Neonatorum: Many people believe that acne or pimples are associated with the adolescents and youths. But at times even infants and newborn babies suffer from acne problem, primarily caused by the sensitivity of the glands of the newborn due to the hormonal imbalances of the mother.
12. Acne Pomade: Pomade is a general name for a class of substances used for hairstyling. These pomades usually contain heavy oils that clog the hair roots and create conditions for pimple formation on forehead and temple areas.

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