Typhoid Fever Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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Typhoid fever is an acute infectious disease caused by the typhoid bacillus.


Onset comes 1-4 weeks after the germs enter the body. First a tired feeling and general weakness, then possible a headache and nosebleed. The fever rises higher each day until, by the end of the first week, it is 104ºF. The evening temperature is distinctly higher than in the morning. Appetite is poor, the tongue is coated, and the teeth and lips have a brownish coat. There is either diarrhea or constipation, and stools are offensive. The abdomen is distended.


Typhoid fever is an acute infectious disease caused by the typhoid bacillus.
Germs are taken into the body through food or drink that has been directly, or indirectly, contaminated by bowel or kidney discharge from a typhoid fever patient.

If the body was kept clean and only pure food and water was consumed, there would be no typhoid.

Natural Remedies

1. Call a physician.
2. Put him to bed; give him air, moderate warmth, and lots of water to drink.
3. Place him on a diet of fruit juices and vegetable broths. All patients with typhoid fever must have raw garlic to eat.
4. Give at least one hot bath every day. Have him remain in the tub as long as possible (30 minutes or longer). Put cold cloths on the head and throat if he is weak or faint. Finish with a cold towel rub or spray.
5. Give a high enema daily.
6. Red clover tea and goldenseal tea are both good. Add 1 teaspoon of red clover blossoms to a cup of boiling water. Steep and drink 5-12 cups a day.
7. Drink hot Echinacea tea until sweating occurs; then give hourly thereafter until the system is relieved of toxic buildup. Echinacea increases defenses against infections and stimulates processes of detoxification of the liver and kidneys.
8. For congestion with nerve irritation and delirium of typhoid, combine lady slipper with cayenne and give frequently.
9. Give pleurisy root tea when the skin is dry and hot. Give wild cherry bark tea when there is diarrhea.
10. Orange juice and oatmeal water taken at separate intervals are good nourishment. Make a vegetable broth from several vegetables (carrot, celery, greens, and a little onion) and give it as a liquid broth.


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12th Feb 2011 (#)

Well written article, good research my friend.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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6th Jan 2013 (#)

I had it years ago. I got it along with my friend having consumed contaminated milk. He passed on, sadly. I miss him to this day - siva

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